Where to Buy Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Where to Buy Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are convenient accessibility options for the elderly and physically challenged individuals to safely access the stairways in multistoried residential and commercial buildings. The right wheelchair lifts would make your facility a friendly and welcome place to wheelchair users. When it comes to buying commercial wheelchair lifts for your business establishment, go for the services of established distributors as they can offer perfectly designed wheelchair lifts from well-known manufacturers along with dedicated after-sales assistance.

Premium Models of Wheelchair Lifts from Leading Manufacturers

Wheelchair platform lift systems are a boon to wheelchair users, helping them access stairways without injuring themselves in any way. Understanding the mobility requirements of mobility restricted individuals in commercial facilities, many experienced distributors in the United States offer innovative models of commercial wheelchair lifts. In their extensive product inventory you can find compact and stylish models of wheelchair lifts including inclined platform lifts, portable wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts. These lift systems are suitable for use in busy commercial places including shopping malls, office establishments, public spaces, educational institutions, churches and so on. Searching their product index enables you to select premium models of wheelchair platform lift systems from industry-best manufacturers including ThyssenKrupp Access, Adaptive Engineering and Savaria.

Most wheelchair platform lift models are designed in such a way that they can be operated easily, and ensures comfortable and safe ride to the different floors. Popular models of wheelchair lifts that can be used in commercial facilities are:

Inclined platform lifts
Carrier lift

Vertical platform lift systems
Porch-Lift PL-S (Standard)
Porch-Lift PL-ENC (Enclosed Lift)
Porch-Lift PL-TG (Toe Guard)
Porch-Lift PL-P (Portable Lift)
Porch-Lift PL-EZE (Economy Enclosed Lift)

Portable Wheelchair lifts
Roby powered stair climber
Mobilift CX

Buy Wheelchair Lifts with High-end Safety Options

Commercial wheelchair lifts from well-known distributors are incorporated with user-friendly controls and advanced safety options such as:

Underpan obstruction sensors: stops the lift automatically whenever an object blocks its movement path
Non-skid platform
Emergency stop button on car
Emergency brake
Audio visual alarm
Safety belt
Remote controls for easy operation
Key lock to prevent unauthorized access
Slack cable switch
Keyed continuous pressure controls
Emergency lowering hand crank

Apart from providing the finest models of commercial wheelchair lifts, established distributors also ensure the following:

Simple installation procedures
Category 1 and 5 testing for all models of wheelchair lifts
Excellent after-sales support
Well-timed inspection, maintenance and repair services to ensure steady performance of the equipment for a long-term

Further, these distributors provide assistance to select wheelchair lifts featuring the right technology. After an evaluation of your site and specific accessibility requirements, their experienced technicians would suggest the model that ideally suits your facility.

Contact a Reputable Dealer

To buy reliable models of commercial wheelchair lifts, as well as for trouble-free installation services, it is essential to choose a reputable supplier of accessibility devices. As a wide range of resources are available on the web, you can find one quite easily. Searching online directories and yellow pages with your zip code or city name would provide comprehensive information about the established suppliers in your region. Posting queries on forums, as well as reading newsletters, articles, reviews, blogs, and client testimonials also would help in identifying an experienced dealer.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts – DAY Elevator & Lift, a popular wheelchair lift company provides convenient models of safe and user-friendly wheelchair stair lifts.

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