Dog Foods- Raw, Organic And Commercial

Dog Foods- Raw, Organic And Commercial


Are you starting to take another look at dog foods? If you are like me I have been trying different types of foods to give my dog a healthier life. He has had skin problems and chronic ear infections. What are the differences between raw, organic and commercial dog foods?


One of the simplest things under our control to help solve health problems is food. Eating nutritional foods appropriate to maintaining healthy bodies is necessary. In researching dog foods there are many philosophies which people have an opinion or belief.


Raw food advocates want their dogs to return to the wild and eat according to their own instincts and natural inclinations and feel that dry commercial food is not healthy for their pets.


Organic food advocates want their dogs to eat organic foods. These people are concerned about chemicals of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides which are used on plants and animals causing contamination and disease in their pets. They are also concerned about medications, antibiotics, preservatives, and additives which may also be found in these foods.


Commercial dog foods are convenient to the public and many blends are offered from normal to ill health issues. These products seem to be reasonably priced and people do trust that the food manufacturer is producing a good nutritional product for their dog. And the customer feels confident of the scientific research invested in producing good dog food.


Raw food requires a responsibility by the pet owner to be sure they adhere to safe food handling to minimize bacterial infection of meats. Advocates of raw meat say it is safer to purchase frozen raw meat from pet suppliers than the meat we buy for human consumption because it has a higher standard and control of bacteria and contaminants.


Do you remember watching documentaries of dogs eating other animals? Did you take note that wild dogs eat all parts of another animal including intestinal contents? The gut which has processed grains, grasses, and berries contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients not found in the muscle or other tissues.


When preparing raw food for your dog be sure to have clean hands, clean cutting board and utensils, and clean feeding dishes. Cleanliness is critical.


Organic foods whether raw or home cooked also need careful supervision of cleanliness when preparing food. There needs to be an awareness of balancing nutrients for your dog to have healthy and nutritional meals. These foods need to contain meat and vegetables to be sure necessary vitamins and minerals are provided.


Commercial food advocates feel they produce a better product inclusive of correct and necessary ingredients needed for dogs. They argue that much research supports the benefits of dry commercial and canned foods and for the cost and the convenience of their product the consumer should be satisfied that their dog food is the best that they are purchasing.


When buying commercial dog food dry or canned; read labels carefully. This is why there are many arguments against commercially prepared foods.


This is your pet or pets which you love and feed daily and if you are currently exploring other foods, visit the pet section of and review Dog Food Secrets.



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