Cancun Real Estate ? More Than Just Beaches

Cancun Real Estate ? More Than Just Beaches

It’s definitely true; one of the most attractive features of Cancun real estate is the beachfront.  These spectacular beaches are considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world with their soft, white sand and unique turquoise water.  Yet, Cancun real estate offers you as a buyer much more than these beaches – many more features which help to make your life on the world’s most beautiful beaches convenient, comfortable, modern and in every way enjoyable.

Consider a brief list of some of the main features which help offer you this lifestyle:

Modern Stores – Those living in Cancun enjoy all the trappings of a modern, international city, including the stores they are used to from back home.  These include Walmart, Home Depot, Office Depot and many others.  While it’s nice experience Mexico, it’s also nice to have access to all the products you’re used to from back home.

International Airport – Cancun’s international airport is the second busiest in Mexico.  It is very well connected throughout North America with a growing number of connections to Europe, Africa and South America.  Since so many tourists head down to Cancun, flights are almost always direct and can be found for very good prices – often cheaper than connecting domestic flights.

Wide Access Roads – Getting around Cancun is easy.  The main roads are wide and well organized, and traffic congestion is unheard of, even as Cancun grows to become the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Shopping Malls – Cancun is home to a number of large, modern shopping malls.  These offer the same type of stores and products that you would be used to from back home.  Of course, there are enough Mexican stores and products as well!

Movie Theaters – One of the biggest attractions in the malls are large-screen movie theaters with the most modern surround systems that show the newest movies from the U.S.; of course, they are shown in English (with Spanish subtitles for the locals.)

Golf Courses – Cancun itself is home to 3 nice golf courses, and the surrounding area has been named Latin America’s golf capital with 9 courses, many of which are professionally designed.  Those who choose Cancun as their next home will find themselves enjoying excellent golf all year round.

Marinas – Boaters living in Cancun will feel they are in paradise in more way than one.  The Cancun marina offers not only full service, but also excellent real estate for anyone who likes the idea of mooring their boat at their front door!

So, yes, the beaches in Cancun are something else, but Cancun real estate offers you much, much more to help you make the most of your warm-weather beachfront lifestyle.


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