How to Make More Office Space

How to Make More Office Space

If your office space has become too small for your needs, the logical choice is to think about moving to larger office premises. Office Space in London and everywhere else is expensive. The trade off is that there will be a lot of expense and upheaval whilst the move is being organised, and your company may need to close for a while in order to transfer to the new offices.

So what’s the alternative?

See if you can make better use of the office space that you already have.

By making better use of your existing space, you may be able to delay having to move premises and avoid all the associated disruption.

Here are 5 tips to make better use of your existing office space.

1. Are all essential items easy to reach?

If staff have to wander round the office to get the items they need, such as stationery, or files, then they are not only wasting time, but are also wasting space as well. Perhaps you could create electronic copies of documentation so that there is no longer a requirement to store as much paperwork or as many books and manuals.

2. Are your desks the most appropriate for the job?

If your desks are too big or the wrong shape, they will be taking up valuable office space. By making sure that staff have the right desk, that provides them with the space they need, you can save space.

3. Is your seating up to the job?

If you have lots of comfy chairs instead of office chairs, then you might also be wasting space. You should make sure that the boardroom, canteen, reception area and office areas have the right sort of chairs, and that they give the right impression.

4. Is there enough light in the room?

A lack of light can cause all sorts of problems, and can lead to parts of the office not being used. Perhaps you currently have an area of the office that is being used for storage, when with the appropriate lighting, the area could be used more productively.

5. Could the office layout be improved?

If you think that you have exhausted all options, and have concluded that the only way to make more space is to move, you might be surprised to learn that more space can be achieved by changing the office layout. By grouping staff with similar roles, or equipment requirements together you might find that you save space. You think about utilising different storage methods to save space. What about seeing if some workers who are not normally office based could share a desk? What about setting up a hot-desk so that any sales or other field based staff could work when in the office, but don’t require their own desk that won’t be used that often? There are also many other options that are available to you, so that you can make the most of the office space that you have.

Just because you’ve run out of office space, you don’t necessarily have to move premises yet. If you want more help and advice, why not consider calling in a professional who can help you with all aspects of office design and planning?

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