Plants and Planters As Commercial Ornaments

Plants and Planters As Commercial Ornaments

Plants are more appealing when placed in nice planters. Although, they also look nice when placed in plain soils, there are some establishments however that needs more justifications with these plants, such as malls, stores, restaurants, and a lot more. Plants have been widely used as ornaments, either in the exterior or interior of an establishment. There are many types of planters; all have different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. One of the most popular planters is the commercial planter. These planters are great both as an indoor planter or outdoor planters. Outdoor planters are great commercial planters as they could be used as borders to extend spaces and ornaments to beautify its exterior. Outdoor planters come in different materials. One of the most popular ones is PVC planters. PVC planters are normally intended to substitute wood planters as wood could easily chip off, wither, and rot. They look much like wood planters, but are more flexible in style and durable in materials. They are great to be used as both outdoor and indoor planters. PVC planters could also be customized or painted accordingly to the exterior or interior of any architectural design. The next well known planters are fiber glass planters. These planters have much more intricate design and style compared to PVC planters. They are more likely chosen with their durability and class. They are normally used in five star hotels, malls, and high end restaurants. Although, they are not that expensive compared to PVC planters, with their quality, they are great finds. One of the most sought after fiber glass planters are the round fiberglass planters. These are not just great planters, but are great collectable keepsakes too. They are lightweight and are resilient to nature. They could match any exterior or interior design, even to the most modern ones. They have unique and intricate designs that could catch anyone’s attention. They have subtle slopes and sturdy curves that could well match even the toughest landscape or exterior designs. Unlike other planters, such as those that are made of clay and wood, these round fiberglass planters are defiant from breakage, rotting, chipping off, leakage, and discoloration. They are more reliable and durable just right with their prices. They come in different sizes and colors. All could be customized according to client’s specifications. Using plants are just one of the many ways to improve the curb appeal of any establishment. It could be more enticing if they are placed in great planters.

Carlo Mamar specializes in round fiberglass planters designs and shares tips on how to make your public spaces more attractive and inviting by using containers such as commercial planter and provides interesting ideas about other types of indoor and outdoor planters.

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