What are the Elements of Contemporary Office Design?

What are the Elements of Contemporary Office Design?

The archaic monochromatic walls lit by equally bland white fluorescent bulbs are no longer the dominant feature of the modern office.  The Psychology of the Office paved the way for the revolution of contemporary office style which focuses on employees’ productivity, efficiency, and behavior. This theory considers the various components discovered in any executive office space Atlanta  and other states have that heavily affects the mood and perception of individuals working in it.

Alongside the design revolution, corporate giants Google and Pixar pioneered the implementation of creative workplaces which proved to be successful. These firms scrapped the old and followed the contemporary workplace design framework, with more businesses worldwide following suit. It doesn’t matter what kind of company the business is in, as long as the office follows contemporary design features which include the following elements:

Rectilinear Style

The infusion of polygons and color livens up a rather dull white office. The space is transformed to a contemporary style which stimulates employee’s creative thinking. Rectilinear refers to the art of embedding straight lines into a design. This creates “chaos” in a jaded workplace and encourages discussion and interaction among the staff.

A simple black chair with vertical and horizontal lines should be a good start. An addition of low maintenance plants encased in varnished steel rectangular planters also creates a contemporary office design. A whip of cube-shaped bowls and abstract rectilinear paintings are a start for modern office redesign projects.

Flowing Water

Water is a substantial element to modern office style. It embodies fluidity and continuity while inducing a calming effect to employees. Employees might also add water to their own desks by placing a portable fountain to soothe their sight and hearing. Flowing water might also be installed in one of the office walls through glass water walls. An addition of rectilinear lighting via spotlights of different colors will give a dramatic look to any executive office space Charlotte  has.

Electric Glass

Lastly, the state-of-the-art workplace design allows its users to greatly control the light entering the office. Electric glasses run on low power that turns it opaque from being transparent and vice versa. Electric glass doors may also be added to an executive office space Tampa offices have for an open look whilst providing a choice to hold private meetings. These and many others are only some of what you can do to update your office look and feel.

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