Mobile, Commercial and Auto Locksmiths

Mobile, Commercial and Auto Locksmiths

Professional locksmiths have been trained to perform a variety of different duties and functions for individuals and organizations. In many cases, the locksmith will not have a degree or a specific type of certification. However, an experienced locksmith will normally receive on-the-job training along with certain continuing education courses that have been provided by a locksmith association or a security company.

Presently, there are several different types of locksmiths that are trained to provide specific duties for certain areas and they include mobile locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, institutional locksmiths and auto locksmiths.

The mobile locksmith has the responsibility of working on-call. Their job functions include visiting different locations throughout the day to assist with single projects or problems. These projects and problems may include repairing locks, changing locks, or removing locks. They are normally self-employed contractors that may choose to work for both homes and businesses. Their major duty and responsibility is to be available to perform a customer’s services at a moment’s notice. The typical request is for an emergency situation, where an individual is locked out of their home or workplace. This professional will also perform 24-hour services, which means that can be called to assist a customer any time of the day or night.

The primary or basic functions of a commercial locksmith are to assist different types of companies with protecting their employees and other valuable assets from theft. They have the responsibility of installing key systems for both exterior and interior doors. This professional will also have to perform on-call duties if an employee leaves an organization or transfers to another area. This is because most companies change their locks or locking systems for added security. Commercial locksmiths have a combination of duties, which includes emergency situations, regular maintenance, and a variety of other needs. The commercial locksmith may work as independent contractor or employed by a small or large security company.

The duties of an auto locksmith are similar to the duties of a mobile locksmith because both of them are normally on call to travel to an area where they have a request. However, auto locksmiths are trained in the field of automotive and skilled in unlocking car doors when the keys have been misplaced, locked inside the car or stolen. These locksmiths may also be self-employed contractors or employed by a specific business such as a roadside assistance agency, car dealership, or an automobile service.

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