Your Options for Real Estate Lot

Your Options for Real Estate Lot


You are in the city of Spotsylvania, looking at several homes for sale in the area. Sure, there are several styles for Spotsylvania real estateand you cannot seem to decide on what property to invest for as there is a very long list for things to consider first. But wait, there’s one more thing you have to take into account when you choose what house to buy in Spotsylvania. Yes, the type of lot where the Spotsylvania Homes for Sale is sitting on is one of the most important factors to think about. There are several types of lot for real estate and each of them has its own strength and weaknesses. Knowing important information about the type of lot where the property sits on will help you properly decide for the best house to invest in. 
a. Corner Lot – as the name suggests, this type of lot are those located on the corner of two streets. A house located on a corner lot can have two frontages on each side, which can also make way for two different entrances to the house. Corner lots can have more premium value than standard lots, especially if it is in a highly marketable area. Commercial property situated on this type of lot is usually sold on its highest value because corner lots allow for more chances of visibility and easier access for customers.
b. Cul-de-sac Lot – this kind of lot are those on dead end streets that has curved turnaround. The frontage is situated in curve that is why this kind of lot tends to lose parts of its front yard. However, one advantage of this kind of lot is that it has larger backyards. Because it is on a cul-de-sac street, people living here can have more privacy, security and safety especially for children while they are on the street. Areas around cul-de-sac lot experience lesser traffic. 
c. Interior lot — this is the standard type of lot fronting only on one street. It is located between properties that is on its right and left side. It faces the street and has a yard on the rear area of the house. 
d. Flag Lot – this is basically like an interior lot, only a lower-level one. It comes with an extended driveway lying above the houses to its left and right side. There can be more privacy if your house sits on a flag lot. However, one of its disadvantages is lesser visibility and long driveway that can be a hassle during snow season. This kind of lot is not a common type but it already exists in most of the neighborhoods in the US. 
e. T-Intersection Lot – this type of lot are those located at the end of a T-intersection, when you are in front of the “T”. This is perfect for commercial property because of higher chances for visibility and exposure to traffic.


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