Workplace Etiquette?? Call And Talk To – Workplace Etiquette, Office Life – Office Supplies Industry

Workplace Etiquette?? Call And Talk To – Workplace Etiquette, Office Life – Office Supplies Industry
Workplace often requires talking and communication between companies, between departments, between superiors and subordinates, between lower and higher, colleagues, contacts and conversations are missed, so etiquette is compulsory courses.

A good use of communication address
(A) good communication with the call
Interpersonal communication without language, if the communicative language metaphor a mighty army, so called language is a pioneer in this army officer, not seen what people do not say hello to speak. However, only a call does not work, depends on the suitability of your call, because people on the call appropriately or not, in general are very sensitive. Especially Chujiao who to some extent it affects your success or failure of the communication. Address the use of visible language is very important. So in the end what the contacts to send a “Pioneer officials” it was just right?

(B) how to avoid the call of “mistaken identity”
Communication in entrepreneurial activities, particularly in some regards, parlor, formal etiquette, and so little exposure and relatively short time and occasion, prone to call a mistake to confuse one phenomenon. This will not only rude, embarrassing, and sometimes affect the communicative effects. How to avoid mistaken identity then? ?

1. Entrepreneurs from the ideologically recognized the negative effects of mistaken and adverse effects?
In the city economic and technological development of a Symposium on the side of the head of the phenomenon of mistaken actually succession, caused the other party’s attention, that this Cooperation Those who mind do not clear, reliable production and operation capability, thus eliminating the co-operation plans. Can be seen on the phenomenon of mistaken to draw attention, because it is an obstacle to communication activities.

2. Should be well prepared in advance?
Communication at the beginning, the general introduction between both parties, but relatively brief, fast speed, hard deep impression. Therefore, prior to the meeting objects to the unit, name, title, character features have a preliminary understanding, be aware of. In this way, through the introduction, a deeper impression. When necessary, seated in the burglary or talks before dinner, do it again in detail. Conditions, the exchange of business cards is even more ideal.

3. Observe each other’s characteristics, and memory control method
Introduction, to observe and to be introduced by the clothing, posture, intonation, action, etc., special attention to highlight the character and personality characteristics. Of the people who wear uniforms, to pay particular attention to the effect of high, short, fat, thin, face, wearing not wearing glasses.

4. Note to grasp the main characters

Personnel more difficult for all to remember what time we should first pay attention to understand and become familiar with the main object (the person in charge led), and with their peer objects (refer to units engaged in the business, position, level and its the same person). Now, generally do not pay attention to subject and object, master-slave relationship etiquette, one from the anchor, seat position to judge is not accurate. If people have visitors in the driver as a manager, which makes managers very embarrassing.

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