Commercial Property Management Services

Commercial Property Management Services

When working in commercial management you have a lot of responsibilities. It is much more complicated than managing residential properties because it involves the government more heavily. There are more laws to follow, more permits, more leases and so on.

Leasing to the government can be tough. You will have to watch tax escalations. After the first year they are paid in full. Only if claims are submitted within 60 days of the payment date you will get the escalation.

If the GSA is looking to alter lease spaces, you will have to sign a waiver of restoration which will say that the GSA does not have to return it to the spaces to the way they were. If you do not sign, then that means they can still change the space, but will have to return it to the way it was. It is important to keep records in case the lease runs for 20 or so years. A lot can change in that time.

There is a clause called The Contract Disputes Act. It defines the process of what happens if you and the government can’t come to an agreement. The government may have a one-up on you but you can still appeal. The GSA will allow for you to do that to their Board of Contract Appeals.

You are going to want to provide maintenance. This means you will need to hire janitors and provide the building with up-keep. Whether this up-keep be repairs on the cracked floor, the roofing, the chips in the front desk or anything else, it is important to make sure the place is looking its best. Hiring janitors on the other hand are just as important. Hiring a good one is more important. If you can find someone that can get the place spic-and-span you have found the right person. A commercial place is a professional setting which will need to maintain a professional look. Floors and crevices should be washed, windows should be clean, dust should be removed and everything should be in order.

Of course you are going to need to provide safety and security. Unoccupied buildings are often vandalized buildings. Having a security system will help to keep people from defacing the property. Not only will you need to have a patrol to make sure the outside is safe, but you will need door security with a check in. This will prevent unsafe people from getting in to the building.

A commercial place is a tough task that needs to be kept in perfect order. When the government is involved you need to take extra care of your place.

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