What You Must Know With Commercial Printing

What You Must Know With Commercial Printing

There are certain things you must know with commercial prints, that some printers may forget to relay or some they may have mentioned but you weren’t really listening. It is most likely that you are researching because you want save a few dollars or you want to get the best deal available in the market and in order to that you need to know a few things to consider while you are at the choosing stage of commercial printing.

Not all printers are created equal, some of them are better. The most important thing in every print job is your choice for a printer. There are a lot to choose from so you may want to take time to carefully consider every aspect before settling with the one.

The more colors, the more expensive it will become. Inks are do not come very cheap this is why printers may not entirely bring their prices down so if you are thinking of using a lot of colors but are in a budget, you may want to tone it down a bit. The cheapest prints are those that use only black and nothing else.

The bigger the prints, the more expensive it will become. This is a bit obvious and relies mainly on common sense. Prints which are bigger is a tad more expensive than its smaller counterparts because they use more paper and inks.

The bigger the volume of the prints, the cheaper it will become. Yes this is true. If you are counting the price per piece and the less time you need to give if you were to have some printed and the rest on another day. It is always best to have everything put together in one package to get bigger discounts.

File types are an important, save the wrong one and you are wasting a lot of time. At the initial meeting of the printer, you will be informed of things you must not forget and one of these is the file. Your art file type should be saved according to the printer’s requirements. Not all printers can open all the design files available so make sure you are creating the proper your printers can open. If you save the wrong one, printers will most likely return the file for you for conversion which will cost you additional time for printing. This is not good for prints that are rushed.

Faster turnaround time is more expensive than the regular printing time. It is natural to get more fees for additional service and one of these particular services are rush print jobs that require more man power and putting you up the queue. The best way to prevent this is to request for prints to be done 2-3 weeks earlier than you expect the project to be done. Create your designs early and submit the art file as soon as possible so that you do not have to request for rush prints. *normal commercial print jobs take about a week depending on the print volume.

Need help with designing? Expect to pay. Most of the printers who give low prices for their packages will add fees to additional services like designing, so before you request for assistance, ask your printer if their designing or design editing is free. Fee will probably be waved if you have done most of the printing already or just require a little polishing or editing of the design but if they will be starting from scratch then you are most likely to expect additional fees in your billing.

Knowledge is definitely power and to know more you will get more out of the services and the packages for commercial printing. It is always best to be ready before you even meet up with the commercial printing company (ies).

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