Simple Steps for Commercial Print Making

Simple Steps for Commercial Print Making

Ask any commercial printing company and you will most likely get the same steps if not shorter since it is your design that they just want. The commercial printing process is easy with these simple steps:

Search for your printers.

The most important part of the steps is the search for the printers. get a couple of printers (at least three) to choose from. Weigh in pros and cons, and other things they can offer you that no other printers could. Make sure your printers can cater to your particular print requirement and can be flexible enough to adjust any package you may need.

There may be certain characteristics you may want to see in your chosen printers like –

• friendly and approachable
• listens to what you want but also shares what they believe can work well with your particular prints
• can work quickly
• can adjust and readjust to your needs or requirements
• patient
• has a lot of options available

Compare rates.

All printers have different prices for certain packages but there will be a certain range that most printers will stay in to be able to still have the competitive advantage with most of the printers. You can choose to get the one with the lowest rate or a printer within the middle range. Some printers who give very low prices may have excluded certain things without you even realizing it.

Choose your printing materials.

As you speak with your printer, you will be asked to pick your papers, paper stock, frames and any other items for your prints. Remember to keep your budget in check when you are choosing because your printers would most likely give you the best materials there is which would be most likely be more expensive.

Create your design.

There are several ways you can create the design: one is to find a very good designer that has mastered advertising, two is to tap the designing services of your printer or three to do it your self by using a design program. The later will definitely save you a few dollars but if you require a more professional design you may want to consider the first two ways. If creating your own design is your choice, consider using the same program your printer is currently using so you can easily share the files with the printer or use a popular program that has online tutorials on how to do it.

Submit the artwork.

Once you finish your art you need to make a sure you save your file according to your printer’s notes. If they tell you to create PDF files follow that, if they say they can open just about anyway file then good for them. Not all printers though can open all files available so it is wise to note down the only files your chosen printer requires.

Check the proof.

Your printers will open your file, cut the trim lines digitally (or not for some) and show you how your prints will look like once printed. If you are not too happy with the colors or the cuts make sure to tell them immediately before you say go to the printing.

The other processes that will be done by your commercial printing company were not enumerated here to make the process easy to understand since commercial printing involves a more technical process on their end which we highly doubt you would like to read.


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