Choosing the Right Size Office for Rent in Fort Lauderdale

Choosing the Right Size Office for Rent in Fort Lauderdale

When you first start your search and inquiring about Fort Lauderdale office space for rent, the first question you’re going to be asked is, “What size are you looking for?” Knowing exactly what size you’re looking for will help you narrow down the search and make your hunt for great office space more effective.

Choosing an office for rent that’s too small will make your employees feel cramped, the noise levels will make it difficult to work and productivity and satisfaction will both plummet. Not to mention the impression this gives to clients who may visit your office! An office that’s too large, however, can make employees feel like they aren’t even a part of a team and waste money on excessive rent for space you aren’t using.

To find the best Fort Lauderdale office space that suits your needs, consider the following.

Executive Offices:

This type of office space will have doors for privacy so begin by determining how many executive offices you’ll need based on how many people need this level of privacy. Anywhere from 150 to 300 square feet per office is appropriate.

Reception Area:

You may want a reception area in front of the reception as well, depending on your business. To determine the right size for the lobby, think about the average number of people you’ll have waiting and consider space for tables, seating and greenery. There should be enough space for the front office staff to create a professional impression to visitors as well. Be sure to factor in room for walking and any equipment you’ll have to avoid overcrowding.

Meeting Space:

If you plan to hold small meetings in the office space rather often and only infrequent large meetings, you may save money by finding nearby facilities you can rent as needed. If you plan to hold large meetings more often, the cost effective approach is choosing office space in Fort Lauderdale that also offers at least one meeting room. The square footage of conference rooms will be factored into your lease fees.

Useable Square Feet/Person:

If your employees will have workspace in an open plan space with just desks or very minimal partitions, plan 90 to 125 square feet per person for a desk, filing cabinets and other equipment. With a closed plan, you’ll need more square footage per person for comfort so plan on 125 to 200 square feet. Consider traffic areas and avoid crowded walkways.

Community Areas:

You’ll also need a break room so employees have an area to store their lunch, have coffee and relax during lunch time, even if you have nearby restaurants. The size of the community areas should be based on what you plan to provide, such as a refrigerator, microwave, water cooler, coffee machine and seating. You may want a separate common area for shared equipment as well.

Consider Your Growth Factor:

Finally, think about your company’s plans for the future and the lease period. Do you think your business will grow rapidly during the lease? If so, make sure you have room to grow as there could be penalties for relocating before your lease expires.

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