The Procedures of Commercial Floor Care

The Procedures of Commercial Floor Care

Have you ever been to an establishment wherein after entering at the doors you simply find yourself staring at your own reflection? Wondering how immaculate you look and that somehow you can’t seem to take away your eyes from staring? No, it is not the mirrored walls, nor the glass ceiling. It is the floor!

Many retail establishments, hotels and restaurants, buildings, factories, institutions and hospitals presently use commercial floor care to attract lots of attention from guests, clients and consumers. Nowadays, it is also prevalent in our household, basically for design and aesthetic purposes.

It is a good thing that such services are available. Now you do not have to do it over again. Taking away the tiles and replacing it with brand new ones. At present, you can just hire a floor care technician to restore your floors just so to look like it is brand new. No need to double spend to achieve perfect looking floors that absolutely shimmers while you walk on it.

There are several ways to achieve the ideal gleam on your flooring that you may want to have in your establishment or household. The following is a process of how one should do it:

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is done to eliminate the previous top coat of wax, dirt, grime and grit from your vinyl composition tile (VCT). Remember, the floor is always an area of any structure that has high foot traffic. Therefore, a lot of seen or unseen elements have made and seated in it through time and this method bares everything thus remains only the vinyl tiles and all of its diminished glory.

Floor Scrubbing

Cleans into the floor, it effectively lifts all the dirt and stains. It also scrubs away mould and mildew build up inside the edges or nicks of the tiles.

Floor Sealers

After stripping, a high grade industrial floor sealant is best applied. A floor sealer hardens unto the floor to resist water or any other liquefied form.

Floor Waxing

This is done when an industrial grade wax is applied unto the floor, repeating the coat about 4-6 times at the most. The use of a high quality floor finish gives protection and lustre on vinyl tile flooring, thus, giving it new gleam from before.

Floor Burnishing and Buffing

This is the process wherein the machine burns out through the tile to get into the nicks and edges where dirt and grime may seep through. It takes all of it so that the cleaning may be complete. Buffing is done to further shine the VCT flooring. It also, reduces the appearance of abrasions, spots and stains as well as dirt penetration made onto the floor.

Hiring a very good floor care specialist is a must in order to have great flooring, unless you are one yourself. Get a specialist that has been doing it for many years. It must also be a trusted by many companies or individuals in delivering professional and dependable floor care service. There are many out there.

Just go by through the telephone directory, the daily newspapers’ classified ads or the internet. If budget is a problem, there are also packages or programs available that are standardized to consumer needs and affordability.

The good thing about commercial floor care nowadays, is that the service is available to everyone and to anybody in particular. Unlike before, the appearance of our flooring doesn’t matter that much. Just think about how good an appearance your place may get after all the procedure is done! So what are you waiting for? Get your place a floor makeover now!

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