Why Your Commercial Printer May Hate You

Why Your Commercial Printer May Hate You

Any good Dallas printer treats all of its customers the same, rendering equally reliable service for the sake of professionalism. However, it is a commonly known truth that not all people are the same, and because of this, it is normal for printers like DFW printers to serve a whole menagerie of customers ranging from polite and nice right up to the outright horrible. There are a lot of reasons that can result in a person being dubbed as a commercial printer’s customer from hell, and if you find that you match any of the following descriptions, then perhaps it is time for you to consider changing how you deal with your commercial printer.

One of the first things that can alert a commercial printer to a potentially stressful customer interaction is if the client knows nothing about printing at all. It is only natural for first time customers to not know much about the whole commercial printing trade. However, there are customers who have convoluted ideas about the capabilities of commercial printing companies, or any company for that matter, and do not bother to understand anything past “I pay and the printing company does the rest”. These kinds of customers are sometimes one of the hardest to reason with.

Another type of customer from hell is the customers who always feel the need to bargain with you. Bargaining is fine, but there is a certain point when the customer starts to come across as not being satisfied with the service being rendered for their money. Acting as though you are entitled to discounts without valid reasons is an insult to the capability and skill of the commercial printer. Sometimes, people just have to realize that the given price is reasonable enough. Some discounts and offers from time to time are quite all right, but printers need to make a profit too.

Then there are the customers who are agreeable from the start of the deal, right until they receive their prints and things start getting ugly. These people act as if they are not very finicky or choosy when it comes to details and would just agree with anything the printer offers. In the end, though, they give the company a hard time just because its employees are not psychic and did not properly predict what the customer actually wanted, as opposed to what the customer agreed to. Customers like these seem deliberate in being antagonistic.

There are actually several other types of customers from hell, like those who make themselves sound like experts in commercial printing or those who are downright crazy or bipolar. Dallas printers can really have a bad time in serving these different migraine-inducing customers, but they have no choice but to do everything they can in order to provide the best possible service available. In the end, these printing companies aim to please its clients, and the least customers can do is to be as cooperative as possible. So the next time you visit DFW printers, try to do a good deed and don’t be like any of these people.


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