Wheelchair Lifts for Home and Commercial Use

Wheelchair Lifts for Home and Commercial Use

Great Convenience for Mobility Impaired and Aged Individuals

Wheelchair lifts for home and commercial use offer great support for mobility challenged as well as aged individuals. Designed with high-end features, wheelchair stair lifts ensure that these individuals can access the different floor levels of their residences and office spaces quite easily and experience more freedom. With more awareness regarding the tremendous utility value of this device, more and more people are installing wheelchair lifts in their homes and commercial buildings.
As these lifts are widely used in homes, offices, and a variety of public buildings, a wide range of wheelchair lift models are available in the market. Wheelchair lifts that are suitable for use in residences and commercial facilities are available from leading manufacturers such as ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria, Bruno and Adaptive Engineering.

Home wheelchair lifts and commercial wheelchair lifts come with standard features such as:

•  Large ADA compliant platform: a wheelchair stair lift is provided with a large ADA

compliant platform which facilitates safe access for the users.

•  Constant pressure on-board controls: to ensure smooth operation, and move the lift upand down efficiently.

•  Key-lock controls: to prevent unauthorized use of the wheelchair stair lift. All advanced models of wheelchair stair lifts are provided with key lock controls.

•  3 Drive systems: A/C powered belt driven ballscrew, battery powered belt driven ballscrew and battery powered hydraulic.

•  Underpan obstruction sensors: Obstruction sensors automatically stop the lift, whenever these encounter an obstruction along the lift’s travel path. This would protect the user from accidents and injuries.

•  Non-skid platform: prevents any kind of injury that may result from slips and falls.

•  Automatic battery recharging system

•  Door interlocks

•  Safety brakes

•  Auto-folding ramp: This would help keep the lift folded when not in use, leaving the stairway free for other users.

•  Emergency stop button on car: Allows the user to stop the lift in case of an emergency.

Most of these devices also feature manual lowering device, slack cable switch, emergency lowering hand crank, folding seat and lots more.

Advantageous Features of Wheelchair Lifts

•  Easy to install
•  Easy to maintain
•  Simple and flexible
•  Customizable to suit your specific needs
•  Incorporated with high-end safety features
•  Provides access to multi-level stairs
•  User-friendly operation
•  Durable

Wheelchair lifts offer great assistance for wheelchair users in their residences as well as in business establishments. You can find wheelchair stair lifts in different makes and models to match your interior décor.

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