Why you should get a Makati office for rent

Why you should get a Makati office for rent

There are numerous multinational companies in the Philippines that rent Makati office space. The truth is, foreign companies that do business here prefer to get a commercial office space in this city since there are prime office buildings located here. If you’re thinking about starting a business in Makati, here are some things to look at.

Do not forget that people who want to put up companies in Makati have a number of documents and requirements to get ready. You’ll have to go through various government agencies like the Department of Trade and Industry, the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Processing business registrations can be quite a tedious task. Business owners who wish to rent Makati office space are also made to register and obtain a business permit from the local city government. These processes ensure the company will meet the standards set by the government.

In addition to these requirements, businesses looking to rent a commercial space in Makati will also have to obtain other documents  and submit these to the SEC. These documents include a bank certificate of deposit, notarized articles of incorporation, and a treasurer’s affidavit at the notary.

The certificate of deposit verifies the compliance of the company to deposit a capital amounting to 6.25% of the authorized capital stock of the corporation. Keep in mind that the capital must not be less than Php 5,000.

Here are other documents required for SEC registration:

– Company name verification slip

– Statement of assets and liabilities

– Authority to verify the bank account

– Registration data sheet with particulars on directors, officers, stockholders, and so forth

– A notarized written undertaking to comply with SEC reporting requirements

-A notarized written undertaking to change corporate name

Choosing the office space is yet another thing you should look at. Office spaces in Makati are usually in high-rise buildings in the central business district. As Makati is the economic and financial center of the Philippines, you’ll find numerous big companies in the area. Among these are Standard Chartered Bank, Convergys, a business process outsourcing company, and DHL express, a logistics company. It is possible to find affordable Makati office for rent depending on the nature of your business.

For example, IT companies could get tax breaks from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) . Some buildings in the central business district have an IT zone status. These establishments are able to take advantage of multiple tax holidays as well as other incentives not generally available in other areas.

If you’re new in this city and intend to rent Makati office space, consider getting a condominium unit or an apartment nearby.  There are numerous condominium towers in the area that you can either rent or buy. This option keeps you safe and helps you beat traffic.

Many businesses feel that renting a Makati office space is a great way to start a business. With there being over 60,000 multinational businesses in this city, establishing your company here is a great decision.


Vobbi Rones is a CEO searching for Makati office for rent and knows what foreigners expect if they rent Makati office space.

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