An affordable option in Handewadi real estate

An affordable option in Handewadi real estate

Eastern zone of Pune emerged as popular residential destination like Kharadi, Hadapsar and  Koregaon Park. Areas closer to these large developed suburbs are also coming into the limelight and making their presence felt.

Handewadi Road located close to Hadapsar is one such area which becoming a sought after destination especially for those with a compact budget.

Mr. Ravi Marda giving his perspective on the demand in Handewadi says, areas like Handewadi and Sasane Nagar the rate located close to Hadapsar are witnessing good growth. Hadapsar is well developed locality with players like Magarpatta that changed the face of the area.

Development of both residential and commercial property of Pune has taken place in Hadapsar. Resulting the next development is flowing into Handewadi and Sasane Nagar areas where people cannot afford properties in Hadapsar are naturally looking at Handewadi as the next upcoming option.

Handewadi is a place well connected to important locations on the east and hence offers an easy commute to the residents of Pune with more social and retail developments slated to come up in neighboring areas where the place is only set to grow in coming years.

Handewadi shares good connectivity with Hadapsar even if the social infrastructure here is still developing and the nearest location for malls and multiplexes still remains to be Hadapsar which is easily approachable. As Hadapsar becoming the entertainment hub in the eastern zone areas like Handewadi are also going to see action very soon. About 20% growth can be seen for areas like Handewadi as Hadapsar moves closer to new developments in coming three years.

In early 90’s Handewadi Road in Hadapsar was one of East Pune’s more popular residential property destinations. Today Handewadi is experiencing average growth as there is a lot of highway construction happening at the moment. In next two-three years once it’s completed Handewadi should see greater growth.

Reputed developers have established reasonably priced quality residential property in Pune, Handewadi. As said by Mr. Manish Jain, Kumar Properties, “the price in Magarpatta or Amanora that are in the heart of Hadapsar are higher than the prices in Handewadi. it’s an affordable options for those who looking to buy a home under a defined budget.

Those who looking for an affordable residential property in Pune so Handewadi is an area to consider. Also, the presence of IT Parks in the vicinity is a crowd puller. As today, several large residential property have come up on the Handewadi Road. The property rates in Handewadi are very affordable as compared to rates of Undri, Mohammadwadi or Magarpatta. Connectivity is in place with the easterly Bypass on one side and the Pune-Solapur Road on the other side. The response has been very encouraging as Handewadi is a good option as a destination for budget home buyers.


As the affordability of residential property in Handewadi also brings in scope for scalability and as a return allows one a chance to earn better returns on the asset. Looking at the future possibility, Handewadi has the highest bandwidth for appreciation in the next three years offering good scalability in the market.

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