Different Types of Office Cleaning Tasks

Different Types of Office Cleaning Tasks

Cleanliness at work places and business premises ensure the health, safety and welfare of the employees at work. Cleanliness indirectly helps in increasing the productivity of any company or business because if the surroundings and workstations are regularly cleaned, the harmful bacteria and germs will not breed. And, bacteria free or germ free environment means up keeping of good health and good health of employees would result in efficiency in productivity. A clean and germ free environment ensures that employees are working in the correct temperatures, have good lighting to work under and ventilation of fresh air at the work space. Many office cleaning companies ensures that the building and office equipment should be kept clean and maintained. Many of these cleaning companies offer a number of services ranging from carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain and blind cleaning, leather cleaning, window, door and interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, floor cleaning, furnace and duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance and pantry (kitchen) maintenance.

Most of the office cleaning services ensures compliance with all health and safety regulations and are hired by many companies on contractual basis. These professional cleaning companies have to get a valid license which is generally issued by any government or any state undertaking or authority. Some of the office cleaners offer customized schedule so as to fit as per the needs of client. They can also accommodate schedules daily, weekly or monthly basis in accordance with the client needs. Some offices prefer their premises to be cleaned very early in the morning before the staff come in. Where as, some offices prefer late at night after the staff have left for the evening.

The main areas of operations for the office cleaning include the following tasks:

Carpet cleaning that includes vacuum cleaning and stains removal.
Dusting of desktops, picture frames, tables, chairs, chair bases, ledges, window slides and top of file cabinets.
Interior glass cleaning.
Vertical cleaning of desks, file cabinets and other furniture.
Vent dusting.
Vertical blind dusting.
Cobweb and trash removal.
Disinfecting and cleaning of drinking fountains.
Vacuuming of chairs and other objects.
Spot cleaning at door knobs and switches.
Disinfecting and cleaning of telephones and other devices.

For restroom, lunch room and floor cleaning, the following are included:

Disinfecting and cleaning of fixtures of toilets, urinals, hand basins, etc
Mirror cleaning.
Spot cleaning of walls and stall partitions.
Cleaning and shining of steel/ chrome fixtures.
Floor sweeping and mopping.
Trash removal and replacing of trashcan liners.
Replacing of toiletries.
Cleaning of the exterior appliances.
Cleaning of tabletop and countertop,
Auto scrubbing of ceramic tiles.
Waxing on floor areas where the traffic foot fall is more and burnishing for blending, if necessary.
Stripping and re-waxing on floor that includes hand scrubbing and scraping of corners to remove wax build-up.

Many commercial online and offline office cleaning companies offer different types of services. Therefore, the selection should be done keeping in mind the requirements and price budget of the companies who have to hire.

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