Commercial Real Estate Investing – How to Find Success

Commercial Real Estate Investing – How to Find Success

Many investors are perplexed to know about the success in Commercial Real Estate Investing. Their inquiry is whether the success is all about family background or is it good luck that few fortunate ones have. Exceptions aside it can be said that the routine route followed with proper thinking will take you to your destination …. Successful commercial real estate investor
As an author I would like to share my experience in the field of real estate. In 1995, I was working hard in a landscaping company but it was a hard time in my life where I was struggling to meet ends. I had no idea about the bright future that time. The economy that time was better than what it is today. I had a bank balance of $ 800, working all day in the landscaping business and had very little experience about other areas on which I could have relied on for a better future.

In fact things were not promising that time and even when I thought I had something that would lead me to my destination. The close ones were not ready to believe me. You would ask me how I felt then. There is not much for me to explain as many of you might have come across the same situation with the same type of experiences.

Now I could share my experiences with you about real estate. I struck to the fundamentals of real estate and readily put into action, taking one property at a time. Since I am from a place where apartments were easily available, investing in apartments and holding them brought lots of cash flow for me.

Another important aspect to which I struck to was… outside funding; the funding to be used in real estate acquisition. I found that good businesses could attract large amounts of money. I started with a small amount and in no time I was able to multiply that into a huge sum. In 2007 I was successful in raising $ 22 million private money that was used to fund about a dozen apartments worth $ 87 million.

Fourteen years down the lane I now have control of over $ 160 million in the real estate business through out the country. If you still are low in confidence, don’t lose heart, reread the article many times. Friends you don’t need something extraordinary rather stick to the basics, carry the business and you don’t have to lose anything; rewards are all yours.

Finally, Free REIT Trainer is an excellent web resource that I use often. If you go their right now, you can access a free video he calls “The 12 Month Real Estate Millionaire” that clearly lays out the tactics and techniques that he uses to earn big money while hanging out in Starbucks!

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