What Colors to choose for home and office decoration?

What Colors to choose for home and office decoration?
Each color produces an emotion and stimulates the senses. But the human being reacts to the color so subjective that it becomes important to respect everyone’s tastes when choosing colors for decorating a place. So every room in the house will be personally adapted to its function.

Below are some tips what colors you can choose for best feel and looks of the home and office space.

Welcoming lounge
For an exhibition dedicated to the warm family rest in your favorite warm tones: brown, orange, or that creates an intimate atmosphere is the most suitable color. These colors will be sublimated by an indirect lighting strategically placed at various points. The candles will be welcomed and will shimmer the colors. If you want to enliven the scene and make the reception area shared more than a rest area, you will choose rather bright colors and well-matched touches: red zone on white niches painted wall, yellow or fuchsia curtains and rugs, which will highlight black furniture.

Some fans design prefer the shades of gray, black and white, it will be necessary to adapt the furniture and work on lighting to compensate for the neutrality of the colors. For relaxing and welcoming sleek, light colors on thing that invite relaxation are the best suitable colors. These colors will enhance a room in oriental style.

The atmosphere of a room also depends on the scattered light.

Relaxing bath
For a bathroom, you can count on the side of nature relaxing with its use. Pale green and other gray marry are perfectly suitable with a teak wood furniture for bathroom exotic. If your bathroom is well exposed and it has a large window then you can enable a variety of purple shades, very original and unexpected in this type of place.

Colorful cuisine
The bright yellow and orange colors are always used in the kitchen where they add a touch of gaiety. They fit well with wooden kitchen furniture to mention a modular kitchen in a Provencal style. Other possible more “trendy” are available: the pink, brown glazed associated with a pale green or even purple to serve as the setting for very modern white lacquered furniture.

Creative Office
If your office is bathed in light, choose a turquoise, a color associated with mole to stimulate your thinking.

If instead it is located in a dark room, do not hesitate to take the yellow and its derivatives, known to stimulate the intellectual work.

Best Calculated Tips
Use white to enlarge small spaces. Paint the low ceilings in white so they appear higher.

Vertical stripes on the walls also help to collect a room higher than it really is.

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