Questions to Ask Your Commercial Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Contractor

You’re not a contractor, but you are making some pretty big decisions about your company’s future, and while strategic planning and financing come into play, construction is one of those tenants that probably know even less about when it comes to commercial property.  What do you really need to know during the commercial construction process?  Here are a few questions to get you started:

What is the game plan for keeping the project on track?  Chances are you’ve already completed a scheduling assessment with the contractor of your choice, but ask a few questions about how he or she plans to keep the building process on time, on schedule, and on budget. How often will you be notified if a plan goes awry and what examples can the contractor offer of similar projects that met with anticipated or better outcomes?

What will result if you make changes mid-project?  While the answer to this question will vary based on the changes you may have in mind, it’s a good idea to have a clue about your contractor’s flexibility and how your own decisions may affect your bottom line.

How is the quality of construction and materials guaranteed?  If you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price, you need to have a frank discussion about both with your contractor ahead of time.  A good contractor wants to be efficient, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she wants to cut corners.

What happens if something goes wrong?  Will your builder make it right if you aren’t satisfied with the results of the company’s work?  What guarantees can your contractor make about his work and what are the points of the warranty?

Choosing a solid contractor will not only put you more at ease, it will lighten the stress of the entire building process.  Go ahead and be prepared to ask a few tough questions and expect real answers that you understand and can abide by.  If your contractor cannot provide sufficient answers, it may be time to interview another provider.

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