Using a Serviced Office Will Benefit Your Business

Using a Serviced Office Will Benefit Your Business

In the business world, location is everything. Office space requirements vary depending on the nature of the business as well as its intrinsic needs as the company grows. This is where serviced offices play a crucial role in the viability of a business. Office maintenance takes up a significant portion of operating expenses. These costs can be mitigated by opting for a serviced office contract instead of the traditional long-term lease. Serviced offices are able to provide fully furnished executive offices and cubicles, often under a flexible lease. Leases can be short-term, offering the perfect solution for businesses in transition or those requiring temporary space. This may eliminate the need to purchase and maintain office furniture, as some rentals consist of a completely set up, turn-key office space.

Serviced offices are known as executive offices for a reason. The lease package usually includes dedicated local phone numbers and a receptionist to answer calls under the designated company name. Phone calls can be forwarded to different lines, to e-mail or via text messaging, depending on clients’ preferences. Instructions can be modified in real time. A live answering service that manages calls so that nothing important is missed will help to bolster one’s professional reputation.

Start-ups and small businesses that do not require or cannot afford large spaces all the time will benefit from using a serviced office. Office space can be expanded or reduced as needed. Fully equipped boardrooms can be rented for a few hours or a few days. This is an efficient use of space and resources since boardroom rentals can be tailored to your schedule of meetings and conferences. Additionally, businesses that need several locations in different regions will find that serviced office rentals offer the ideal solution without burdening the budget. Often times, serviced office brokers will have properties in different places worldwide. Current rental clients are assured that other locations are readily available should they need to move or expand elsewhere.

The main draw of the serviced office is location. Executive offices are housed in well-managed properties in prestigious locations. Businesses that desire a prominent address can have it without the hefty budget allocation under a traditional lease. These buildings will have the requisite reception area to impress clients. Advanced communication systems provide superior Internet connectivity to meet business needs. Rental clients may be offered online access to their accounts to facilitate reservations for other amenities. Serviced office buildings are run by management companies who deal with day-to-day upkeep.

To make the most of serviced office contracts, clients must be clear about their needs. A business that expects client visits for extended periods will need to have a reception area while one that deals with inventory of any kind will need a loading dock and service elevator. Some businesses are better served with open spaces for employees while others will ask for private meeting rooms. These requirements are diverse and very specific to the business. But whatever the specifications, there are serviced offices to rent that will accommodate these needs.

Larry Lim is a business writer for Serviced Office Singapore.

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