Commercial offset press and their variety

Commercial offset press and their variety

When it comes to commercial printing offset press and digital printing come at the top of the list. Still offset is the preferred one among large companies, because of its ability to produce high quality printed products in bulk quantities at low cost. Being one of the oldest modes of commercial printing and being constantly fed with technologically advancements this press has always managed to attract people seeking for quality result.

A standard offset press has the ability to hold up to 2,000 pounds of paper and produce large quantity of prints at extremely high speed. All these qualities have made offset press a feasible solution to satisfy the needs of product based companies. There are different types of offset printers that are chosen as per the requirements of project. Some of them are listed below:

Web Offset: This is the fastest print producing printer. Rolls of paper can be fed into it to and produce super fast prints. Web offset press is an ideal choice for long-run printing jobs. It has the ability to make 10 to 20 thousand impressions, perfect for economical production.

Perfecting Press: This printer allows printing on both the sides. Perfecting press is used in projects where back-to-back designs have to be printed. This may include brochures, postcards, menu cards and many other similar prints required in large quantities.

Blanket-to-blanket: Offset presses usually have three cylinders or more. However, blanket-to-blanket offset have only two cylinders. This printer can also print on both sides at a time like perfecting printers. Impression cylinder is absent because of the rolls serve the purpose of impression rolls to each other.

Sheet-fed Offset: In offset presses usually rolled papers are used for printing. However, sheet-fed offset is bit unusual from others. This printer produces one print sheet at a time. In this process, papers are fed in to the machine one by one to ensure that the texts and images are proportionally laid on every page. This is preferred when there is demand for small- to medium-sized printing jobs.

Heatset Web Offset: For printing glossy or coated papers, heatset offset press is a perfect machine to use. Heatset web offset uses dryer-friendly inks, which make the ink stay on the surface of the prints while drying so as to bring glossy effect on the prints. It is mostly used for inserts, catalogs and magazines where high quality glossy prints are required and the demand ranges between mid- to high-volume.

Coldset Web Offset: A coldest web offset press is popularly used for printing newspapers. There are two types of ink drying methods in this press, one that absorbs the ink into the underlying paper and another that uses UV-based inks to “cure” on the paper surface after the process. This printing method is used for large printing jobs.

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