Office Space For Rent Calgary

Office Space For Rent Calgary
The world of social networking, wireless communication and ubiquitous internet access is allowing employees to work from home, share ideas and better influence their firm’s direction. This societal change is stimulating research into how office space, design office design and new IT systems affect workers, and the results are surprising. Working practices are most commonly decided by management initiatives. Employers establish what is needed to be done and managers direct workers how they can best perform their tasks. Furthermore, it affects productivity, responsiveness to technological change and their knowledge and innovation levels. Not anymore. A report by the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment (CABE) and the British Council for Offices (BCO) has revealed office interior design affects staff satisfaction, motivation and retention.

The report, Impact of Office space for rent Calgary Design on Business Performance, found the workplace is responsible for 24 per cent of job satisfaction and this can affect staff performance by five per cent for individuals and 11 per cent for team workers. Paul Morrell, CABE commissioner and president of the BCO, explained: “Those employers who ignore the evidence of office design as an enabler of staff satisfaction and performance risk the loss of key staff and ultimately business success. The Calgary Herald reported researchers at the city’s university found open spaces help workers feel better. However, it was having co-workers nearby that pushed productivity. Tim Welsh, assistant professor in kinesiology, noted how important it was for people managing office moves to consider design. If they’re looking to maximize idea generation, communication and just a general feeling of social well-being, then open-concept offices would be the better way to go.”

Property Company, Savills, thinks so. Its research, What Workers Want…and what it means for Property found “understanding the needs of workers has never been more important. Immediate workspace conditions were rated the most important by over 82 per cent of respondents i.e. comfort of work area, lighting and temperature.” This ‘network society’ is providing employers with real challenges – if they adopt more social practices do they also re-jig their office design to suit new, open thinking? The key to their firm’s long term success could be its next office design, and how it understands the psychological result of new open attitudes to working and collaboration. So when considering their Calgary office leasing corporate relocation strategy and organizing who will be managing office moves, senior managers have much to consider. Help in moving offices, getting the office moves on time and budget are only three of the factors they will need to get right.

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