Add color and warmth to your office and home with silk trees

Add color and warmth to your office and home with silk trees

Although most of us would love to bring a piece of nature into our homes and office space, few can afford the luxury of spending several hours each day caring for the houseplants. Moreover, there are only a few plants that can survive in an enclosed space with limited sunlight and natural air. Therefore, the ideal solution to your indoor decoration would be to embellish homes and offices with silk trees.

Silk is the best material for creating lifelike artificial plants. While a casual onlooker can hardly distinguish silk trees from natural trees, even a keen observer while touching the soft and supple silk material of the artificial plant will experience the thrill of touching a live plant.  

Silk trees arrangement ideas

You can find silk trees of every shape and size and numerous varieties. While silk is the primary material used for making the foliage, flowers and stems, to add realism to the artificial plant, natural wood is often used for creating the trunks and branches of these outstanding replicas of real plants. Silk ficus, bamboo, palm, birch, maple, dracaena and other trees varieties are popular choices for beautifying the rooms.

The small silk trees are usually 5 to 6 feet tall. They are suitable for all types of spaces. Placing multiple small sized silk trees in the dimly lit spaces can enliven these areas. They can create a fresh ambiance in the windowless areas of a house or office.

Medium silk trees are slightly taller than the smaller silk tree varieties. They can be up to 7.5 feet tall. Unlike, the smaller silk trees, placing several mid-sized silk trees in a room will make it congested. The corners of large corridors or hallways, and the sides of entrances are some excellent places for keeping the mid-sized silk trees. These silk trees can be an important component of children’s bedroom decoration. By attaching a bird’s nest to the tree or hanging a stuffed monkey from a branch, you will transform your child’s bedroom into happy woodland.

Large silk trees, more than 8 feet tall, are ideal for large spaces with high ceilings. These ornamental masterpieces are part of the décor of lobbies, commercial spaces and shopping malls.

How to take care of silk trees

Unlike natural trees, silk trees do not need watering, fertilizing or pruning. They do not attract bugs and they blossom throughout the year. However, just like other decors and objects in a room, they will gather dust and will require frequent dusting. Cleaning with a gentle cleaner at least once every three months is adequate for restoring the freshness of the silk trees.

Indoor silk plants and artificial silk trees are growing in popularity as a way to add serenity and ambience in your office spaces. We also deals in artificial plants to make easy for you to add a glorious burst of vibrant color in your house or office.

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