Work Of Assistant Of Real Estate

Work Of Assistant Of Real Estate

If you are an unlicensed real estate assistant you must understand that there are some rules and regulation of a state that are necessary to be obeyed. To gain success in the field one may follow all these rules. Firstand the foremost rule for a real estate assistant is the information that must be obtained with written instructions. These instructions must be obtained by the authorized person. Assistanthas no right to give any instruction about the real estate. An unlicensed assistant cannot discuss, negotiate or solicit for the property or he can notprovide any information except an a printed material prepared and approved by a responsible person. The responsible person must be present at the open house where the assistant is located. As all we know that the reference of all the inquiry is given to the responsible person.

Now it is the duty of the assistant that he must pick up and deliver paperwork to associate brokers or qualifying brokers. It is not the duty of the responsible person as he has so many other duties to be done. An assistant in the field of business can have the authority of picking and delivering paper workto the buyers and the sellers but this can be done only in the case when a contract has been executed. This can be done when all the paper workhas been reviewed or approved by the responsible person as in case of any problem the question will be asked by the responsible person not by the assistant who is working under him. An assistant has no authority of answering or questioning by the seller or buyer. He can not provide any opinion or advice to the person whom he is hadingover the paper work. All these matters must be referred to the responsible person. The work of an assistant is to assist the responsible person as clear by the word assistant, so we can say that an assistant can help in the advertisement of the responsible person with the help of broachers, and other promotional materials.

In this way he may work for the approval of his boss. For the advertisement of the property, the easiest way now days isthe signs that are placed on the property and after the contract they are removed. soas the process is right so it can be promoted by the assistant, he may place and remove the signs whenever needed or not. It is the only authority that can be used by the assistant of real estate; he may order the repair and services of a property after getting permission bythe responsible person. An unlicensed assistant is able to receive and deposit fund, maintaining books as well as the records of the estate. All this is done under the supervision of the person who is responsible for it. Word processing and the paper workare the main features incaseof real estate. The responsible person must be careful about them that in case of any mistake not the assistant but he will have to answer to the client.

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