5 Commercial Lease Terms for Arizona Offices

5 Commercial Lease Terms for Arizona Offices

Signing a commercial lease in Arizona is can be a big responsibility.  Your business can experience huge amounts of success when leasing the right Arizona offices. In turn that makes is important for you to sign a commercial lease in Arizona that will benefit your business.  In order for you to sign the best commercial lease Arizona offices can offer you, it is important for you to be knowledgeable on the subject.  Below are five terms you should know before signing a commercial lease for Arizona offices. 

1.Rent Clause

This is important to understand fully about your commercial lease in Arizona.  It will explain the amount agreed upon in the commercial lease and will be expected at each scheduled pay date.  Rent clauses can include information about increases or deductions, operating costs and issue procedures. 

2.Description of the Premises Clause

The premises clause will explain the actual space of your Arizona offices.  This clause will explain which portions of the building you will be renting.  Also in this clause may be information regarding access.  “Access” refers to the ease of you, your employees and your customers accessing your location. 

3.Parties Clause

The part

ies clause should be straight forward and list the parties involved in the commercial lease agreement.  All parties involved should be accurately listed.

4.Term Clause

A term clause will explain the length of the commercial lease agreement. The start and end dates of your commercial lease need to be clearly defined.  It will explain whether the lease begins on the signing date or on another specified date.

5.Use and Exclusives Clauses

Use clauses explain how your Arizona offices can be used. Exclusive clauses on the other hand are meant to protect you.  They are meant to ensure competitors do not rent the space next to you.  Meaning, an exclusive clause of one tenant becomes the use clause of another tenant. 

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