Basic Content For Commercial Catalogs

Basic Content For Commercial Catalogs
Are you new to printing catalogs for business? Well, one of the first things that you will be worrying about when you want to print custom catalogs is the content. What exactly do you put into catalogs for commercial purposes? While you should already have an inkling that you will need product descriptions and images, you might not know exactly what kind of content they should be as well as the other less known but equally crucial content elements. In this guide, I will tell you about all the basic content that you need for commercial catalogs as well as the basic description on how to do them well. With this you’ll have the basic content easily setup and it is easily possible for you as an amateur to develop color catalogs appropriate for commercial purposes. 1. Commercial title cover – The first thing that people will want to see in your color catalogs is the commercial title cover. This is where they judge your catalogs and see if it is worth reader or not. Hence this is one of the most important parts of your color catalog printing campaign. You should make sure that the title is creative and of course representative of the theme that you want in your catalog. It should impress people and ultimately entice them to read more of the catalog. It has a big job to fill that is why it is essential content that you must not take lightly in catalog printing. 2. Creative table of contents – You will also want a creative table of contents. This is not a booklet or novel. This is catalog that is a lot similar to commercial magazines in some way. That is why you should have a table of contents that are a bit more entertaining, with images and funny header titles if possible. This should engage people more, having them skip to the most interesting products and features that they like in your catalogs. 3. Masthead – Catalogs need mastheads. These are the special editorial lists that each paper prints for its staff. This identifies the talent behind the catalogs and of course imbues the authority and credentials of the catalog through its producers. People are usually more accepting of catalogs if they see exactly who is staffing those prints. Also this adds the opportunity for some exposure and public relations for you and your catalog printing staff. 4. Editorial letter – Just like a magazine, you will want to have a small editorial letter or message corner. This allows you to greet and announce to readers about your products for sale in your custom catalogs. This should help make your catalogs more close to readers since they will see a more human factor in those catalog prints. Just make sure you compose those in the best possible way to encourage people to read more. 5. Section header – Catalogs need section headers for easier navigation. People browse through catalogs first before reading each individual product data, so it is best to have real large headers for each main section of your custom catalogs. The more visible they are the better. 6. Product areas – Finally you have the product area. This is the meat of the catalog wherein you basically present your best wares and help people decide unto buying the right one. Of course it is best to have multiple pictures of the product for each area. Also the details for each product must be as detailed and accurate as possible. This is where you really sell stuff or impress people, so always be alert and compose this area for your catalogs with particular care. 7. Call to actions – Of course, nobody will buy from your color catalogs if you do not actually invite them to do so. Make sure that you call people to action so that they might do something of what they just have learned from your products. Have statements like “buy now” or change your life now” in your prints. The more you call on to people for action, the more likely they will like and respond to your catalog prints. 8. Contact details – Lastly, do not ever forget to add all the contact information necessary for your catalog sales or responses. This not only gives people the chance to contact you, but it also helps you impress people by having your contact details designed to peek their interest. So be sure to add in all the most detailed contact information for your own color catalogs. Good! Now you know the right content for your full color catalogs. These should be your basic elements for a good and relatively effective kind of catalog for commercial purposes. Good luck in applying them for your own catalog prints.

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