Commercial Real Estate options in Sicily, Italy

Commercial Real Estate options in Sicily, Italy
If you are looking to expand your business ventures into Sicily and want to set up an office or an enterprise of your own, you may find it necessary to purchase some real estate in the region. When you have plans to purchase commercial property in Sicily or invest in real estate in the region, you will be able to choose from a variety of property options like malls, shops, beach areas for resort purposes, restaurants and business complexes.

If you have a big investment in mind or want to buy a large complex, you may have to wait for some time until you are able to locate the most suitable option for you within your budget. One of the most common real estate options that you will always find on the market in Sicily is villas. If you are looking to establish a small boutique, a restaurant or a bed and breakfast, buying such a property may be ideal for your purposes. Naturally, the location of the property will pay a big role in this. In terms of resorts and bed and breakfast, buying a villa or property near the sea is best advised.

If you are looking to set up a shop or a small office, you can consider purchasing property in Trapani, which is a commercial centre in Sicily. This region usually has several properties for sale or for rent.

If on the other hand you are really looking to benefit from the tourist trade then a town such as Taormina on the East coast of Sicily if your best bet and commercial options include shops, restaurants or running a bed and breakfast or other accommodation service. If you are a non Italian, a location such as Taormina gives you access to more English speakers and more options for fining a solicitor and account who deals in your own native language.

When buying commercial property be extremely careful with checking documentation and if you do not understand anything at all that is written in the contracts, ensure you get help from a professional.

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