Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Head Office Netlog Voice Recording System Case – Voice,

Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Head Office Netlog Voice Recording System Case – Voice,
Project Overview China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was founded in 1984, after 21 years of development, total assets, total

Capital , Core capital, operating profits and many other indicators of domestic industry ranks first. Capitalization by more than 21,000 domestic institutions, 100 family offices and thousands of agents around the world, with leading information technology and electronic networks, to domestic and foreign customers, including wholesale, retail, e-banking and international operations, including the Currency comprehensive

Financial Service. Operating performance of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has attracted the attention of the world financial community. Many times by the “European currency”, “banker”, “Global Finance”, “Asian currency” and “Finance Asia”

Magazine Selected as “Best Bank in China”, “Best Domestic Bank in China”, “Best Mainland commercial banks”, and continuous to be the domestic media as a “

China’s Most Respected Company
. ” Billion communications network information with a strong R & D strength and perfect after winning the Chinese Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Head Office, for its customer service center to provide voice recording system, this system is based on legal requirements and customer service center configuration Digital Voice Recording System to retain the recording during a call is an important part of the project.

Introduction NetLog voice recording system to record straight on 128.
NetLog A basic structure of the plan are as follows:
NetLog voice recording system based on distributed, multi-layer control and management system design, the telephone line and internal network effectively together to form a complete set of voice recording and management system. NetLog system includes data services, file services, recording services, console;

NetLog system architecture is as follows:
System function 1) Each console can control all of the records of the network
Server , Real-time display for each server’s working conditions and other console on the server’s operating conditions for each record;

2) to support multiple record start: voltage control, keying, tone control, process control;
3) support for multiple boot methods: the whole recording, select the recording, on-demand recording;
4) with C / S structure, client installation is simple, powerful;
5) real-time network monitoring; 6) a variety of rights management to ensure the safety of the NetLog recording server

7) a strong record of document management capabilities, flexible call recording retrieval mechanism, including a regular query, quick search, custom search;

8) NetLog telephone inquiries through the line, monitor the recording of a channel, get rid of restrictions on the data network, greatly facilitates the use of management personnel;

9) In addition to manual backup outside, NetLog can also tape, CD /
DVD Back up, according to a variety of conditions to set the backup strategy and backup scheduling;

10) NetLog by beeps, SMS, e-mail, message, etc. system to send alarm information;
User Comments

The whole system needs and characteristics of the banks the combination of very deep, is a tailor-made for the commercial banks, personalized voice recording solution, while in the implementation of the project for a variety of complex and diverse environment system set up, obviously, you can find 100 million through networks of professional and dedicated telecommunications company.

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