Office fire safety tips

Office fire safety tips

Office safety is the basic requirement in any office setting; this is because employees spend their maximum time at office so their safety and well being is essential.  The most severe accidents occur due to fire break out which has time and again caused millions of deaths. That’s why fire safety should be a matter of concern in the commercial or residential environment. If fire ever breaks out a lot of damage to important office documents maybe caused which might nearly ruin your business. So it’s important to keep basic fire equipments in your office and essential training to all the employees to be provided so that they can take instant measures to safeguard their lives against any mishaps.

These are a few fire safety equipments which are a must have;

Fire alarm:  This equipment acts as a warning device which detects the smoke and rings the alarm, fore warning about a fire which will break out. It alerts all those in the office to take immediate steps.

Fire extinguishers: This is a must have equipment it will help to fight the fire if it actually breaks out. There are many types of extinguishers available in the market so choose the right one for your office. Using a wrong extinguisher on fire can have dire consequences so be careful.

Sprinklers: It also comes in handy after the fire breaks. There are many types of sprinklers available in the market, you can consult a professional and then go for the one which would be well suited for your office.

Fire blankets: These are efficient for putting off small fire; it can even be used to wrap around the person who has caught fire. Fire blankets are generally made of fiberglass and are available in many sizes.

Fire resistant safes: It is a safe which would be necessary for your documents to guard it against any fire damage.  This will help you to protect all your important documents and data against any hazard that might occur.

Some important tips to be followed:

1) Turn off all electrical appliances before you leave office as these can be a fire risk.

2) If there is a strange odor coming from any electrical appliance or if it is not functioning properly, immediately put it off and call maintenance staff.

3) Keep off all clutters from the sources of ignition, as it might easily catch fire.

4) All employees should be trained in handling fire extinguishers.

5) Before throwing off your cigars, cigarettes ends in the dustbin make sure to put it off.

6) If fire breaks out immediately report to the nearest fire alarm pull station.

Remember: If a fire breaks out do not panic in this situation, try to help each other and follow the adequate instructions to combat fire.

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