The Checklist for Office Cleaning

The Checklist for Office Cleaning

When a firm deals with the public they want to make sure that all of their offices, especially the areas the public will see, are kept clean.  This is one thing that is very important to a company when they hire someone to do their office cleaning.  If it is a very large firm then usually an office cleaning crew or company will be hired but if it is a small office many times there will be one cleaning person.  In fact, it is possible to have an office cleaning business that you can operate out of your home in which you can have several small offices you clean each evening.  You could also have your own office cleaning company where you have several crews that you send out on these jobs.

It is thought that with a clean office the employees will be able to think more clearly and efficiently.  It is a fact that the productivity will increase if employees are working in a clean office.  When you or your company is hired for office cleaning, this is not the only areas that you will clean.  There will general cleaning that is done in all areas of the office.  One such thing is cleaning out all the garbage cans and making sure they are clean before relining them and putting them back. You will also need to make sure that all of the floors are vacuumed and if necessary, mopped.  One of the first areas that you need to make sure is exceptionally clean are the lobby and reception area.  If there is an entry desk, this area needs to be cleaned exceptionally well also.  When these areas are clean, it makes the customer feel good about walking into the company and doing business with this particular company.

In this area you want to make sure that all the glass doors and windows sparkle with no smudges or fingerprints.  You should make sure that you dust all the furniture, wipe the phones with antibacterial cleaner, if there are magazines for the customers to read they need to be neatly stacked on the tables, water any potted plants.  You will also need to clean out all the garbage cans and make sure they are clean before relining them and putting them back.  Once you have cleaned the area, take a moment to look at the area through a customer’s eyes and see if there is anything that you missed cleaning or straightening up.

The next area of office cleaning is the conference rooms and offices or cubicles.  One thing to remember is that you should not snoop into the desks, file cabinets, cabinets, etc of the people who work in the cubicles or offices.  You can straighten their desks but do not move things around or make one stack of any papers that might be scattered on their desk.  You want to make sure that the conference room table is clean and polished and the chairs dusted and wiped off.  

The restrooms will need to cleaned and sanitized along with the break rooms.

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