Workplace Bullying: An Office Space Dilemma

Workplace Bullying: An Office Space Dilemma
The reason was unclear, but everybody in the office seemed to know that their co-worker had been having problems with their supervisors bullish behavior. For weeks, this co-worker had to put up with their office supervisors criticisms, unreasonable workloads, excessive monitoring of work performance and ridiculing and embarrassing in front of everyone in the workplace.

Bullying is often associated with little kids engaging in fist fights at the school playground. But bullying does not stop in childhood. Even in the workplace, bullying can be a source of stress for co-workers. What is workplace bullying?
According to the website, Bully Online, bullying is repeated and persistent pattern of aggressive behavior that physically or psychologically hurts the target victim like being singled out and shouted at, being criticized and being humiliated, and sometimes falsifying performance evaluations at the expense of the target victim.

Bullying may be regarded as a form of abuse, specifically abuse of power. Bullies resort to aggressive behavior to hide their inadequacies. It is a way for them to express their dislike, anger, hatred or resentment towards the target victim. Some bullies are also driven by envy and rejection.

More often than not, the targets of bullying are people who have something which bullies dont havepopularity, competence, independent-mindedness, having a strong sense of integrity, refusal to conform to office culture, expertise, and a certain presence.
However, in some workplaces, bullying can be subtle and discreet, and when the target victim complains about it, most bosses recognize it as mere misunderstanding or disagreement between two parties. Some would even regard the victim as a sensitive, reactive complainer. This is especially true when nobody is there to witness the bullying except the target victim himself. Because of these perceptions, most complaints about bullying are often not taken seriously. It is only when harassment has taken the form of bullying that bosses are more inclined to take the bullying problem seriously.

Workplace bullying has now been gaining attention, and a new law has been formed to prevent it. In a recent Senate Committee, a proposal has been made to make workplace bullying illegal in Maryland. To date, Maryland has been the 20th State thus far to introduce a Workplace bullying Act. This means that many people are now speaking out about bullying in the workplace, and the abuse it had inflicted on these victims. Hopefully, the cycle abuse will stop, not only in the playground, but even in the workplace.

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