Lake Fountains for Commercial Uses

Lake Fountains for Commercial Uses

Water features such as lake fountains add value to property with its beauty or function. Lakes may be found on private residences, in large community parks, in neighborhood developments, on commercial office property, or at educational facilities. These lakes may be strictly for ornamental value, as a reservoir, or for recreation. Regardless of their intended use, most will need fountains at some point to maintain the integrity and beauty of the lake and ecosystem.

Lake fountains may likewise be used strictly for their aesthetic value or as a functional device to help maintain the quality of the lake water and its inhabitants. Some fountains serve both purposes. When planning a lake, it is best to include water management in the plan from the beginning to prevent problems down the road that are easier to prevent than to correct.

Ornamental Lake Fountains

Desiring to use a lake fountain as a prominent water feature to enhance the landscape of the property may have several meanings. Some fountains appear like a more natural water source, while some can use colored lights, displaying a magnificent array of water sprays and colors. Different fountains have different spray patterns and heights. The desired outcome is most often personal.

Ornamental lake fountains generally float on the surface of the water and are operated remotely. These also provide aeration by pulling water from the lake and spraying it into the air where it receives oxygen which it carries back to the lake. For small, shallow, lakes, these fountains are generally sufficient.

Aeration Lake Fountains

Some lake devices are intended simply for aeration and often work from below the surface, close to the bottom. These systems do not produce sprays, but instead produce what can appear to be boiling water in one spot. These are rarely used for ornamental uses as there is little visual appeal.

Water reservoirs are intended to capture water run off from other areas of the property and almost always become catchalls for trash, debris, and water. The decaying debris will often produce gases which create the foul odor often associated with such ponds and lakes. Aeration is the solution to this problem. Increased oxygen levels in the water speed the decaying process and promote the health of beneficial bacteria for such use.

Lake fountains will encourage the health of the lake and the organisms living within, creating an environment that can be enjoyed for many years in the future.

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