EU chemical registration fees announced – export, the EU – office supplies industry

EU chemical registration fees announced – export, the EU – office supplies industry

April 17 this year, the European Union in the “Official Gazette” No. 340/2008 on the European Commission published its laws and regulations, listing the traders to the European Chemicals Agency registration of chemical substances must pay.

Under “Chemicals Registration, Evaluation and licensing laws and regulations” (referred to as REACH regulation), all production or exports to the EU in the EU chemical substances, the annual production or import volume of 1 tonne or more, must be registered with the authorities, only Several exemptions apply. Gradually regulated substances in registration grace periods, the industry should be June 1, 2008 to December 2008 period 1 for these substances prior to the registration of the European Chemicals Agency, the grace period in November 2010, respectively 30, May 31, 2013 and May 31, 2018 termination, according to each category of substances produced or imported tonnages determined.

For the number of between 1-10 tons of material, if the traders can submit REACH regulations all the standards listed in Annex 7 physical and chemical, toxicity and biological toxicity data, will not have to pay registration fees. The information includes a number of substances in the state of temperature, melting point, freezing point, boiling point, relative density, water-soluble, flammable, explosive properties, causing skin irritation or corrosion, eye allergy and aquatic toxicity. If the traders to submit information is not complete, the European Chemicals Agency will be levied. Regulation No. 340/2008

first European Chemicals listed in Annex 1 to the Board the material collected registration fees, less the cost of co-registration. REACH regulation proposed operation should be the same material joint registered operators to reduce the burden of data collection and to avoid unnecessary animal experiments.

Authorities to charge a lower registration fees for SMEs. Weight in 10 to 100 tons of material between, for example, joint registration fee is normally 3,225 but only have to pay 2,258 medium-sized and small enterprises and micro enterprises even lower rates, respectively, 1,290 and 323 Euro. No. No. 2003/361/EC proposed regulations define the medium, small and micro enterprises classification. As for the appointment of representatives

only non-EU producers are entitled to concessionary rates for SMEs, the new regulations will be subject to non-EU producers of the results of the assessment, including the number of employees, turnover and balance sheet and from the partner companies of the relevant information.

No. 340/2008 Annex No. 1 sets out the general laws of material information on registration fees. Separate registration fee for the lower middle substance, as detailed in Annex 2. Annex 3 that the updated register File Additional costs to be paid, but there are exceptions. Regulation No. 340/2008

section also lists the cost of processing permit applications. When a supplier of material to be under control, he must provide convincing data to the authorities to apply for a permit, continue to sell the substance. Application documents must show that the substance on human health or the environment of risk can be controlled, or in the absence of suitable alternative substances or technologies where the use of the substance on the socio-economic benefits than risks for the major.

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