Latest Trends In Unique Handbags

Latest Trends In Unique Handbags
If you are looking for unique handbags that would make you stand out from the crowd then you should definitely consider searching online. Bags that are sold online often come in limited quantities, making each piece unique. It would be very unlikely for you to run into someone holding the same handbag. As with any accessory, trends in unique handbags also come and go. Here are a few pieces to watch out for in the coming months.

Photo purses add a personal touch to your wardrobe. These quirky handbags can be customized to bear your picture, a photo of a favorite pet or even a loved one. These personalized purses also make an ideal birthday gift for your best friend or a relative. To make your bag stand out, use an old photograph as a model. This would bring a touch of nostalgia to your photo purse.

Initial purses are a good option if photo purses seem too eccentric for your style. These cool purses can be given out as gifts to your closest friends. You can have any kind of purse embossed, printed or embroidered with a set of initials. Leather is a big trend this year. Small leather purses with long, thin straps can be monogrammed with dainty initials.

Dog purses add a dose of fun to your outfit. These handbags feature a full panel decorated with an image of a poodle, Dalmatian, beagle or any dog of your choice. They can even be customized to bear the picture of your pet.

Cloth purses that come in bright and cheerful prints are reminiscent of summer and spring. Their laid-back appeal makes them ideal for casual days. Look for cloth bags with ladybug, flower or fruit prints. Bright and bold, or fresh and breezy prints are always a good choice. Reversible cloth bags let you mix and match the same bag with different outfits.

Monogrammed bags are timeless and classy. They will never go out of style. Look for sling leather handbags made of soft leather. These classic handbags will take you from a simple business meeting to a fun night out with friend. Update your wardrobe by embossing or embroidering your initials on an old monogrammed bag.

Cigar-box purses are literally made of wooden cigar boxes that are fitted with clasps and handles. Vintage prints are usually placed on the outer panels. Look for prints from the 1920s or 1930s for a nostalgic feel. Advertisements for French brand perfumes would look glamorous on cigar-box purses. Advertising labels for alcoholic drinks are also popular choices.

Hobo purses are stylish yet versatile. They go with everyday basics and are easy enough to wear with almost anything. Choose hobo bags made of soft leather or suede. Pastels and soft colors like cream or pink go with daytime outfits, while flashier metallic colors look more appropriate when worn at night. Sequined hobo bags are in this year. Go for hobo bags made of mesh when looking for an alternative to evening purses.

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