Impressing your clients with your office space

Impressing your clients with your office space

Impressing your clients is an important part of any business. You’ll need to impress them with your expert knowledge, attention to detail, your willingness to fulfil their needs, and your superior organisational ability and overall business skills. But many people forget the hugely important role your office space plays in making a good impression for your clients.

While having a trendy office won’t guarantee any new business or immediately get you liked by your clients, it’s a good idea to put some thought and planning into having an office which is attractive, appealing and efficient – after all, your office is a reflection of you. Show off your great sense of style and professionalism through your office. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose wisely – If you’re starting from scratch and looking for a new office space to buy or lease, it’s the perfect time to be able to choose an apartment which is also attractive and full of all the features, resources and spaces you need.

See the potential in properties – That being said, don’t completely disregard an office space if it’s not 100% stylish or trendy. Older offices can have more character and heaps of potential for a skilled interior designer or decorator. Make sure if you’re undertaking improvements yourself that you understand what your lease agreement will allow you to do with the space.

Maintain the office – If you’ve just renovated or made over your office space, be sure to maintain it and update it according to the growth and development of your business. If you find yourself taking on more employees and hence more clients, make sure that your space reflects that. More desk space and places for meetings are of key importance. After all, clients won’t be impressed if they’re made to have meetings in the middle of the staff kitchen because the other meeting rooms are all full.

For those who rent office space in Sydney, it can be hard to stand out to a client, but by choosing wisely, and carrying out any necessary improvements, that humble Pyrmont or Market St office space will be the talk of the town.

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