Powerful combination watershed pen manufacturing industry bigger and stronger – pens, stationery – office supplies industry

Powerful combination watershed pen manufacturing industry bigger and stronger – pens, stationery – office supplies industry

“Watershed pen pencil enterprises and foreign enterprises, what are the gaps good? Watershed pen manufacturing industry the next step to be sound and fast development?” These are the county party secretary of the roaring tiger in fenshuizhen Qi Sheng Wu Village toured Research Process always consider. April 2? 3, with these problems, Qi led fenshuizhen roaring tiger and far into the lead, in public, the lays, Guanghua, chon, the new boss to go to the rich and other pen manufacturer in Ningbo, Wenzhou, investigated Pen local scale enterprises development.

Qi Hu and his entourage visited the roaring Ningbo Beifa Group, Wenzhou Shengfeng pen industry, hobby Pen Co., Ltd. and Fung Stationery Plant.

Ningbo Beifa Group was established in 1994, is a collection of stationery research, development, production and sales and international Business In one group of large pens and stationery supplier. Is currently the largest domestic pencil industry, the strongest, most export companies. As Asia’s largest production base of pens, “pens Beifa Chinese city” capacity three billion years, ten series of writing instruments covering more than 1,000 varieties of varieties, sold more than 150 countries and regions in the world, completed in 2005 sales of 1.1 billion, of which exports over 100 million yuan. Pui Pui Fat Group produced products licensing document has been famous in China, China’s export brand, the title of national inspection-free products, and Beijing 2008 Olympics Will be the exclusive supplier of stationery. In the development of capacity, Beifa to every 3 days a new product, the total number of patents in Ningbo was ranked first.

Wenzhou Co., Ltd. is a loving document production, sales, research as a whole, combined domestic and foreign trade, import and export power of the joint-stock company, is the largest pen manufacturer in Wenzhou City, with annual sales of up to 12 million U.S. dollar, exports 90% of finished products.

After the effects of these enterprises, Qi Asthma tiger that through site visits, both are refreshing, but also inspired. Many aspects of these companies are worth studying watershed pencil enterprises, they attach great importance to Intellectual property rights Work to establish a sound intellectual property rights Management Rules and regulations, especially in technology and research, brand management and manufacturing technology has obvious advantages, and have a more clear market positioning. Roaring tiger Qi request watershed pens Entrepreneur To conscientiously study the success of others, as soon as possible enterprises powerful combination, and take the road of intensive co-brand, efforts to resolve the product restructuring, intellectual property protection and other issues, the company bigger and stronger.

The Editor:

Watershed pen manufacturing industry began in the early eighties of last century, more than 20 years of development, production scale and expanding the market and achieved no small achievement, but there is a single product variety, market presence and brand development more difficult for independent innovation capability is not strong, and many other issues, further development of enterprises has been constrained. Qi county party secretary had played a roaring tiger example, say that the watershed pen manufacturing industry, as a group of people quickly in the afternoon, down 34 points Zhongtai Yang when still in the depths of the forest, must catch up in the dark to find a way out before the big forest access, to get rid of immediate difficulties. Therefore, a standard must be taken to the village collective Factory building Rental, business, build, and other means to solve the problem of SMEs land space; with counties, towns, two favorable platform for the external recruitment, recruitment is difficult to solve business problems; going strong-strong United Way, the enterprises do bigger and stronger. County Clerk recipe out of this series, but also pointed out the direction watershed pencil industry, coming out from the OEM to the United Way brand key step, watershed pen manufacturing industry will certainly be able to before dark to find a passage into the vast world.

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