Scanner to do the work principle and maintenance of skills – Scanners – office supplies industry

Scanner to do the work principle and maintenance of skills – Scanners – office supplies industry

Scanner Principle of work to do:

Mainly by the optical imaging scanner parts, mechanical transmission parts and conversion circuit components (such as MICROTEK scanners attempt to show the internal structure shown), which sections complement each other, will reflect the image characteristics of optical signals are converted to computer acceptable The electrical signal.

Optical imaging part is a key part of the scanner, also known as the Mirror Group. The core of the scanner photoelectric conversion completed photoelectric conversion parts, used by most scanners photoelectric conversion parts are charge-coupled device (CCD), it can be irradiated in its on optical signals are converted to corresponding electrical signals. Open the scanner cover, black, can see the article inside mirror and lens components and CCD. In addition to the core of the CCD, the other major components: optical imaging part of the light source, optical path and lens. Conversion circuit board called the machine, it served as the servo circuit to complete all jobs, A / D conversion job, of course, including the mirror group to its digital signal processing. Mechanical transmission parts, including stepper motors, scanning head and rail, etc., primarily as a motherboard issue instructions on the step motor driven belt to move the lens group on track to complete the scan.

Scanner jobs, the first light shining from the light source will want input on the artwork to produce image features that the reflected light (Fan Shegao) or transmitted light (transmission version). Optical system collecting the light, to focus on the CCD, the CCD is converted to electrical signals to optical signals, and then some of these signals from the circuit for A / D conversion and processing to produce corresponding digital signal transmission to the computer. When the transmission mechanism under the control of the control circuit to drive with the optical system and CCD scanning head and artwork for the relative motion, all artwork will be scanned again, a complete picture on the input to the computer go.

As MICROTEK scanners attempt to show the internal optical structure shown, when the sweep Fan Shegao lamp (the lamp goes out) light shines through the glass was swept objects, the reflected light through after a few mirror reflection of Article the formation of optical path, through the lens focused on post-exposure in the CCD. Scanning transmission nowadays draft tube (on the lamp goes out) light through a plate glass and mirror shine, and swept shading group objects (the blue light path).

Scanner specific maintenance steps: Scanner in the long-term use due process occurred because of wear and tear such as: scanning sound great, image displacement, the image blurring problem, so the scanner cleaning and maintenance is an important part of scanning applications.

Scanner cleaning and maintenance jobs mainly for scanning the mirror group, machine parts for cleaning, maintenance, to ensure the scanner to scan quality and longer life purpose scanner.

To MICROTEK ScanMake4700 example, scanner cleaning and maintenance has two main aspects: First, remove dust, remove the scanner cover, the pin has two screws, unscrew, remove the cover, check and Clean the dust on the cover glass, especially the reference white office; as a mirror group to Article endoscopic dust Lens with a screwdriver unscrew the two screws at the top, open the Lens cover, wipe the lens with lens paper quietly Article Then use the “tiger skin” to the residual scraps of paper blowing clean, and will also clean the lamp, after the roof re-covered mirror group. Second, adjust the mechanical parts, to open the slider screws and mirror group and the belt to separate out the slider, the slider with a clean paper towel, mirror set on the slider rings, gear, clean reinstall after sliders and Mirror Group, belts, and gear in the slider a little lubricant on the coating, drag the slider back and forth a few mirror group, wipe the excess oil; elastic belt must be adjusted according to scan the situation in the bottom of a mirror group Belt adjusting parts, pay close attention before and after the position of the screw moving parts, we can adjust the belt’s tightness.

Scanner cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to some key issues: clean white base must be cleaned when, or scanned image will appear vertical lines; in polished mirror group, must be careful not to use alcohol rub Mirror article, do not plan Article lens and lens injury; pay attention when installing the belt will be a sticky adhesive areas close to the mirror group; to the slider on the oil, the oil can not be excessive, we must wipe off the excess oil.

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