Genuine Walt Disney Stationery True Color Set Off Turmoil – True Color Stationery, Office Supplies -

Genuine Walt Disney Stationery True Color Set Off Turmoil – True Color Stationery, Office Supplies –
By the end of April, 2009, true color Genuine new Disney promotion kicked off in Guangzhou. True color Stationery Officially launched the “true color? Genuine Disney” section 238 new products in the domestic stationery market, lead to a “Genuine Disney storm!” It is understood that the new products launched in true color stationery school supplies, writing instruments, art materials drawn three major categories, including ” Schoolbag “” Pencil Case “” Writing case “And other main school supplies, described as” this Bingwei has vibration, like gangbusters! “

Then, true color stationery after another in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Shenyang, held more than 20 New Regional Promotion. At the meeting, from all over the stationery dealers, stationery chain brought together representatives of customers, sharing opportunities; order was warm and lively atmosphere, customers true color? Genuine Disney new enthusiasm to achieve the desired objective of mutual benefit and win-win and achieved good results.

It is understood that true color student stationery stationery is currently developing, producing, Sell First-line business with the Asia-Pacific stationery R & D center, the strength of its industry-leading product research and development. Students in the current domestic stationery market, true color stationery, with its extensive distribution network and the unique product development, manufacturing advantages, product sales to an annual rate of nearly 50% of rapid growth. In 2007, true color and the world’s largest cartoon hegemony “Walt. Disney” officially signed on as the Disney stationery category in the domestic long-term, comprehensive strategy Cooperation Authorized providers, access to world’s most popular “Mickey Mouse” cartoon character, which is rare in the domestic stationery business, “strong-strong brand” cooperation.

From 2007 onwards, a series of true color on the color of the Mickey series is full of fashion students stationery, the order “Pozhu momentum” introduced 238 variety of new products, category as many input large, unprecedented. This “Genuine Disney Storm” is why the wave?

Ice three feet thick, cold day. The big move, just the choice of cooperation in the true color after two years with Disney in the past two years, the true color with their own network advantages, the Mickey Mouse series stationery rapidly throughout China river north and south, by the enthusiasm of consumers to recover rod or even some products to supply, the phenomenon. At the same time, animation cartoon industry, the fast development in recent years, the trend of the classic cartoon cartoon market impact of the increase, more and more students to pursue fashion and personality, thus requiring product updates faster, higher and higher demands on product design.

In the face of new economic opportunities and challenges of double baptism, as the overlord of the world’s largest cartoon Disney had to consider the future development in China. We know that Disney since its inception in 1922, for the world to create a lively cartoon image of another, now, Disney has already infiltrated our modern life. Stationery to the students from the theme park, from movies to children Toy ; In more than 3,000 licensees worldwide, more than 100,000 kinds of products made in China alone more than 170 brand authorization (published in 2007 data). In the past days, the Disney cartoon character can be described as quite a mixed bag in the stationery industry, the market a lot of fake and shoddy products; while some companies have made the brand not effectively authorized the use of a good Disney cartoon, the old design, location unreasonable and so on. According to industry sources, the Disney license in China is gradually reducing the number of their point of view is: Let a professional company to do the professional thing, Disney is no doubt true color stationery object key support; Since 2008, Di Disney has repeatedly arrange to true color guidance, by the end of April this year, Disney vice president of global creative stationery stationery JimPodhaisky come true color. This series of actions, to reflect the storm that purpose.

Believe that “true color? Genuine Disney” new section 238, will be innovative technology, innovative design and stylish appearance to win the favor of the market, and led the 2009 student stationery trend. “Genuine Disney Storm” will be intensified!

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