Why Are You Interviewing Candidates Fail? – Interview, Job Search – Office Supplies Industry

Why Are You Interviewing Candidates Fail? – Interview, Job Search – Office Supplies Industry
1 and accusing the leadership of the former unit of the candidates and colleagues will be candidates fail. In the interview exam, I have a special exam: Please evaluate your previous boss and colleagues unit. Many candidates left to prove the original unit because the boss or colleagues created, rather than their causes, so they work in the evaluation of their original units, much criticism and even cursed. I encountered such a candidate will not be employed to make a decision quickly, because the original unit where there may be sorry for him, but if a person is not grateful for the mentality of the original unit’s leadership and colleagues are all negative reviews, at least explain human ability to adapt to this environment is problematic. Therefore, this warning to those who are ready to candidates in the workplace, no one is useless, if it is to want to face evaluation of the original unit, but at least there are several in the positive.

2, modifications of the candidates will not be candidates fail. In fact, in an interview exam, many exam questions are a trap, if a positive answer without hesitation, will directly lead to a decline in their interview scores. In Sell Practical work, many scenarios are based on the actual situation of sales staff needed to protect businesses and their own interests without hurting her on the premise of flexibility, in this training can not solve the problem. In the interview exam, I set up such a scenario exam: If there is one meal you and the dealer, dealers say if you drank a bottle of liquor once I went back to paragraph 500 thousand yuan, in which case you will be how to handle? Fact that there is no standard answer exam questions, mainly on the sales staff in the face of difficult situations is capable of. But following several A method of solving the problem will make scoring very low, it is the first answer I drank this bottle of liquor law could endanger my life, so if the dealer to make such a rude request, I would flatly refuse, if the dealer again to force me, then I will consider the dealers do not respect me too, I have to replace him, find another dealer; second A method that is 500 000 is a great back to section , my performance will be a large impact, so I would not hesitate to drink it, even a threat to my health; third A law has not encountered such a situation me and I believe I will not encounter This dealer. So when the interviewer asked these exam questions, do not hurry to answer, the interviewer out to consider what the purpose of this exam, think it over before you answer.

3, do not pay attention to the details of the applicant the possibility of failure is relatively large. Interviewer during the interview process, candidates will be every move, every word and deed are observed, and these observations will have a direct impact on the details of the applicant’s scoring. In the candidates, we found that many applicants can not pay attention to such details as leading candidates fail. In the candidate’s performance in the attention to detail are: body dangling, or even tension directly sweating; sitting in the interview chair and tilted his legs; a drink in front of the interviewer’s face or Shanshan Zai; in the presence of the interviewer’s face hit phone or phone calls; to carry their own packages with tightly across their chests, as if to grab his package was the same; to the interviewer Xipixiaolian so. While these moves may be unconscious on the candidates, but these moves will make the interviewer on the candidates to make the adverse decision.

4, answer the questions were too wordy easy to defeat. Interviewer asking questions, candidates only need to be clear and concise answers to questions, unless the interviewer asked to explain things, because after all, is not a document questions, too much will make the interviewer explained impatiently. But many candidates answer questions in, but then made a longer description of the problem, while others described more than a problem itself, so easy to create thought the interviewer did not clear perception of poor image, such as have an interview in the to explain their way out of the original units is because the family business, need help, in general, candidates can only talk about, but the candidates have to explain to their homes in what the business is, now how difficult business, business process have to give some details of such gifts, so we had to interrupt him again and again.

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