Full Analysis Of Anti-virus Software?? Objective Use Antivirus Software Experience – Office Supplies

Full Analysis Of Anti-virus Software?? Objective Use Antivirus Software Experience – Office Supplies
Recent Kaspersky, Norton’s “manslaughter” event in the Chinese IT industry CPE struggle between personal feelings related to antivirus software, the development of China’s fundamental IT security, so order a bit to use their own objective feelings of anti-virus software for everyone to do something a little reference:

First of all, the world’s top five antivirus engines is that

1, the first course is to talk about Norton, and first real-time monitoring Technology , Also know that Microsoft’s code. Everyone says that Norton is not good, in fact Norton is a powerful engine. Protect your computer from the bottom, so running is not too fast, just different antivirus idea, so Norton is not only suitable for individual users. It is mainly to isolate the main, to prevent the company files are deleted. Because some virus-infected files can not completely anti-virus. Will directly remove the damaged file, so Norton corporate users to choose the most suitable.

Norton’s antivirus software is not actually doing very well to prevent the detection of many virus programs often draw in the subroutine section of the code out collapse Norton, the new version of Norton can be used more self-protection technology . Norton’s engine should be completely self into a closed system, no information has been confirmed Norton had to buy or learn from other anti-virus engine. Rumors that many companies are at the design reference leak version of Kaspersky engine design, it has been at Microsoft communities online chat, asked this question. Huitie agreed that the Norton anti-virus engine, Kaspersky draw unnecessary, its own engine Gaode fine. One guy even called fenssa Huitie preclude consideration of factors in the virus database, Norton’s antivirus engine is quite advanced, integrated protective performance is good. Microsoft, in addition to the use of use of Norton Mcafee (which I am more convinced that rarely see the other Microsoft software being used to kill). Norton’s technical documentation from the description and the spread of the 29A virus forum a guy called out in a virtual machine environment, the process of stepping up the work of Norton and anti-series of the passage, the Norton’s antivirus engine should be the traditional static code corresponds with the perfect combination of real-time monitoring, there should be some improvements inside the virtual machine technology (Norton is not how people admired the virtual machine technology). Norton antivirus slow, Norton should be used from more static code check the traditional way of the. I personally like Norton’s isolation Mechanism , I think that there is no way to determine before treatment completely correct, delete should not be used. An expert should be able to write a virus related to the process as much as possible with the system, in this case, the isolation of the advantage immediately apparent. Larger footprint than Norton, but designed to achieve the following objectives: to identify the virus and the virus has been identified as the process can correctly handle on the role has not destroying the “virus body” does not produce false positives, but not will appear again and again finished with a virus, a virus was detected after the situation.

Many people think that Norton Corporate Edition and individual board is fully consistent with the engine, this understanding is not quite right. In fact Enterprise on your board have improved technically. Zdnet published an article pointed out: Enterprise Edition and Personal Edition core rules exactly the same engine but in front of file to import part of the Enterprise Edition is better than the Personal Edition, and Enterprise API to use more Interface . In the article, in the large-scale document scanning, the Enterprise version is better than personal. And the use of a load technology, Enterprise resource usage a bit better. Another is said to support Enterprise-based Network Multi-load technique.

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