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Access To Remote Vpn Access Failures Clever Solution-vpn, Remote Management – Office Supplies
User Question: I am a corporate network administrators, enterprise scale larger, more provinces and cities have branches in the country, nature of the business in the financial sector, many applications and services within the network requires an appropriate confidential. In practice we achieve through VPN device to connect to remote branch offices within the network function within the network through the VPN device to complete access. However, in practice access have emerged in the remote VPN client computer can not successfully connect to the VPN equipment and access within the network. Whether using the default admin account or your own staff to re-establish an account can not connect. Do not know what that reason is caused by the hope that experts can help me solve this problem, I use the production equipment is Biguard company’s VPN security appliances S10.

Answer: To successfully access general VPN security equipment, first of all need for VPN security equipment, particularly the appropriate port configuration IP address, then have to establish the appropriate VPN remote dial-up access account, while also giving the account within a certain network application permissions.

VPN security device if the connection time-out issues such as network outages or failures come from the VPN IP address and other information corresponding port configuration error, if prompted to account with insufficient permissions or connection can not use the resources within the network, then the question arises In the account designated on the distribution of competencies and authority.

According to the readers describe safety equipment to access remote VPN access permissions and enter the appropriate account information available to connect is there?? “Loginfailed! You have no permission to use standalone networkextender”, this error message means that the user do not have permission to use the remote dial-up access client. (Figure 1)

We should look to the VPN security device that corresponds to the account permissions are set to reasonable inquiries, I realized that after the establishment of softer account before the direct select the “Startup group settings”, this option means is the account of all the permissions are inherited higher-level user group, the account belongs to which group the authority in strict accordance with the group after the allocation in the VPN access. As the user accounts have been established not only for its distribution in the group appropriate access rights, so when the remote connection will appear in the above error.

Order to successfully resolve this problem can be achieved from two aspects, one is the edit account information “Group settings” select “off”, so that each account will be distributed according to their own authority, rather than inheritance user group settings. Close the Group settings we can use the online account for softer neighbors, networkexterder services, transportextender services, etc. to make a specific application set to address these issues to ensure a smooth softer account to connect VPN security equipment and, through account verification. (Figure 2)

Course, where our direct softer group permissions to achieve the above functions can also be divided, you specifically how to do this depends on the actual situation of the reader.

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