World Textile, Apparel Trade And Production Trends

World Textile, Apparel Trade And Production Trends
U.S. ReportsandReports announced that the company in 2009 edition of the market research report gives the world textile and apparel trade and production trends, including the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

2008, U.S. apparel and footwear fell by 1.1% in consumer spending, due to economic recession, the first half of 2009 continued to decline. First 7 months of 2009, the U.S. textile and apparel imports fell 10.6%. Exports due to weaker demand in foreign markets decline. Textile exports fell sharply by 24.1%, the cause of the two largest export markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico, exports have slowed. Apparel exports fell 6.8%, but also because of the decline in sales in Canada and Mexico, however, Japan and Saudi Arabia’s exports growing strongly. Therefore, the first months of 2009, U.S. textile and apparel production has dropped significantly. Employment is affected, the employment rate in September 2009 decreased 15.0% over the previous year.

In Argentina, the 2008 textile output rose by 1.5%, but down 13.2% in first half of 2009. Foreign sales less the same. Textile and clothing exports in 2008 increased by 4.9%, but the first quarter of 2009 decreased by 38%.

Brazil’s textile industry suffered a similar fate, the first 7 months 2009, textile and clothing exports plunged 23.3%, compared with 2.6% growth in 2008. 2009 in the first 4 months, textile production fell, clothing performance even worse.

In Colombia, the textile industry’s performance is much better than clothing. Although export growth slowed, but the first half of 2009 textile sales rose 25.8%. However, garment exports fell by 54.5%, mainly due to Ecuador, Mexico, United States, Venezuela, Colombia, the sharp reduction in drag clothing needs.

In Mexico, the textile industry continued to struggle as U.S. importers of orders to China and other low-cost Asian countries. Only the first half of 2009, Mexican textile and apparel exports fell by 17.5%, compared to 6.2% decline in 2008.

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