Minilab Machine And The Spray Shot Pictures What’s The Difference – The Printer, Office Supplies

Minilab Machine And The Spray Shot Pictures What’s The Difference – The Printer, Office Supplies
Ink jet Printer Printing resolution from 360 dpi, 600 dpi, 720 dpi, 1200 dpi, 1440dpi now the highest 4800dpi, print driving accuracy on the rise with growing the perfect print quality. Dpi stands can print per inch within the number of dots, if not considered overlapping between the dots the problem, the description of the figures can be infinitely dpi enhanced printing quality, but this time it will not increase or even declined. Therefore, to effectively enhance the dpi value, the ink must be small enough to point the premise that the droplet size is small enough. Only in the case of droplet is small enough to achieve high print accuracy, improving the quality of the final print to play a real role.

About the size of ink droplets must say the print head. Inkjet print head technology is the core of the current application of classification consists of thermal bubble printhead, and Wei Piezo print head. Concentration in the usual color, when the ink is lower than a slight rise, the human eye can not see dots. The lower the concentration of color, the more difficult to find the formation of dots, also reduces the grainy, makes eye look of the Mexican point than their actual size is smaller. So far, almost all products have reached a slight increase in 5 drops control technology, can basically meet the everyday needs of people on the photo printing, if we can achieve a slight increase in the following 3, then the output precision will be better. From the overall effect, if the printer can do with the 4800 2400dpi and 3 pico-liter drops below the control, then the photo printing at this time completely lost in the digital photofinishing technology.

But decided to print quality in addition to printing and paper, in addition, Ink Has a lot.

In short, the original manufacturer’s printer technology. Ink and paper technology has its own characteristics compatible with different brands of consumables are less good in compatibility. Therefore, the purchase of inkjet printers will need to purchase a full set of supplies, because the digital studio and the pursuit of the print.

Photofinishing and film into Digital Minilab Minilab. But the two different imaging principle.
Film Enlarger works. Blue Silicon (a light sensor, a group of red, green and blue) color temperature through the film response, through Enlarger automatic processing of color computer board, the exposure time back to the yellow green electrical goods (filter) and the shutter. Paper pass through the lens are (based on photo paper principle) after drug trough (color display and the floating dry starch +) = into phase.

Digital Minilab machine and its biggest point of difference is more a part of a digital film clip and the computer processing system. Film Enlarger second half and the same.

Digital Minilab printing equipment from digital imaging (exposure) Technically, there are three: CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal), LASER (laser) of three.

From the purchase price, the inkjet printing and photographic studio is not a level of product. If the image is not a professional who is pursuing print speed and the general effect of jet printing enough to meet demand.

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