Health Is A Tube Life Of Science Every Day Eight To Walk – Health, Workplace – Office Supplies

Health Is A Tube Life Of Science Every Day Eight To Walk – Health, Workplace – Office Supplies
Cheng Kui million is a famous health experts, many years studying health education, financial medicine, psychology, nutrition and sociology as a furnace, set philosophy, education and home economics as a whole, as the “mentor young people “” guardian of the health of the elderly “, was awarded the World Peace Foundation,” Nature Medicine Merit Award. ” He created a “self-management of life science”, that “the health and lives of their own hands,” the new concept, in the provinces, cities, districts and taught widely around the world in the 21st century a new concept and a set of health conducive to the promotion of physical and mental health The self-care methods, more than 2,000 speech screening, direct and indirect audience of 140 million people, very strong response.

Health is a life science management

I love to study with my health science, health science is a new science, is an important science, it is the macro level with multi-disciplinary research on human health and the related laws, also known as self-management of life science, it is the tube life science.

Many people wonder, health still high? We say that regardless of past, present and future number of high-tech, high-tech without any human health, human life so fine, so important, so gentle, so complicated, the healthy life of people is a small universe.

However, people do not understand, do not care. You buy clothes care, buy a mobile phone care, buy a car care … … However, you do not know how to love yourself. Your heart, your blood vessels, your blood, this is the most important. You not only cherish it, and spoil it, damage it. You do not believe? Why do you smoke? Smoking rates than non-smokers get lung cancer 10 times higher, have coronary heart disease, heart rate 15 times higher!

Why the Chinese stomach, ah, digestive tract cancer, ah, do not care! Cool, hot, sour, fried, spicy, hard, straining to eat. Moreover, casual meal in the morning, at noon against the evening eating and drinking. Entertainment at night, dinner at night. “My child, ah, casual morning without food is good, also at noon outside the tackle, returned to the United States and the United States to eat the evening meal.” Cultivated a good mother, a big fat man.

Remember, it must be a meal: eat morning, noon, eat, eat less at night. Contrary to the present, careless morning, noon, against the evening eating and drinking, which is the root of all diseases.

“Three high and one fat,” the top five reasons

Now more and more lazy people, more enjoyment, more and more disease. Many people are unwilling to come to what extent the, ah, home, buy a chair, but also bring the two wheel roller, wheel roller wheel roller to move forward, and do not want to go! Now people eat more greedy, they think about eating exotic delicacies. Now people died in the mouth, lazy in the legs.

Relevant organizations to sum up 20 years of cancer research specifically, why there is now widespread, “three high and one fat” (high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, hypertension, obesity, down development become heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, cancer) ? Summarize a number of reasons the past, and now speak only five:

First, the diet unbalanced, unscientific; second, lack of exercise; Third, obesity; Fourth, smoking; fifth and alcoholism.

You do not eat the food you’re not good taste, should not eat more you eat, like to eat hard food, do not like to eat the dead do not eat. Eat well, not events, have slowly gained weight and fat on the accumulation, excessive weight on, and now the country 2 million overweight, obese 60 million. The research, 90% of all fat people eat too much, night, eating too slowly accumulated on the obesity of.

Obesity occurs, coupled with uncontrolled smoking, drinking, over, slowly emerged three heights, further fate of these people is heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, cancer, the disease object. You wait, plenty more!

Choose a healthy lifestyle Faced with these problems

how to do? Must change the way of life, we must update the health concepts, health education must accept the need for health management.

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