Trend: Quick Office Solutions Help Small And Medium

Trend: Quick Office Solutions Help Small And Medium

Printing equipment is essential businesses Office Supplies, even if only ten people to buy small businesses will not be spared Printer And Fax machine Costs. In Printer Market, with faster print speed, stable print performance, superior print output quality, ink-jet printers have replaced laser printers as the mainstream enterprise market choice.

“For businesses, the purchase of laser printers in addition to stable, low cost reasons, also because Jida have better scalability and can carry a number of applications for our solutions. And the boss also more recognized Jida. “Deyja Beijing technology company responsible for IT procurement official told reporters.

Solution by no means big business in the patent

Optimize print output process, improve the efficiency of decision-makers is to put a desk in the IT procurement is an important demand. In the industry and the large enterprise market, the extensive application of laser printer to print out effectively enhance the efficiency, at the same time, print out a variety of effective crack during the solution of various problems have also been fully endorsed by the user. In the SME market, user-related solutions is not very understanding, and even some errors. “The solution is the patent industry and large enterprises, small businesses with little to do with us” is one of the typical understanding.

There are several reasons for this situation, mainly lies in the development and promotion of the printer manufacturers in the solution is mainly aimed at large enterprises and industrial users. Currently, industry and large corporate customers for a variety of solutions have been more perfect, through effective coordination with the laser printing device, to achieve effective and efficient print output. In addition, the large number of SME customers, employees less, business diversity, relatively large differential between enterprises and other reasons, also contributed to the application of solutions in small and medium enterprises too slow for a reason.

Fact, enhance the work efficiency as an important part of comprehensive solutions help to improve the overall efficiency of SMEs. “SMEs need the leadership of the right solution to solve their business problems, to ensure their more effective management of print output, use clear text communication, and always pay attention to their costs.” Samsung printer, a responsible person that .

Response to the needs of SMEs solution lies local conditions

Now tens of millions of SMEs nationwide, in which both industry and geographic dispersion, number of employees and more hundreds of people, as little as 10 people. The purchase of print output devices to print more concerned about the overall costs and quickly solve the problem of office efficiency. This is also the ink-jet printers are laser printers in the SME market is an important factor in fully replaced. If you want to get the favor of small and medium enterprises, the solution will need to be targeted, from the user is most concerned about the most urgent problem to cut into. Simply be applied to large enterprise and industry solutions for customers to get small business and unworthy.

Reporter learned that, as the world’s leading printer manufacturer, Samsung is committed to providing the best service to print output, print output features for SMEs, Samsung printers have developed a range of suitable office environment for SMEs solutions to achieve business printing equipment and the perfect match.

Beijing Deyja technology company IT procurement official told reporters, Samsung printer output management, document management solutions to improve the efficiency of the company’s print output. The standard Network More functional through the LAN, while supporting multiple users to share, just a Samsung Laser Multifunction One machine , You can easily and fast solution for daily office needs.

Which Samsung laser multifunction printer applications SmarThru? 4 solution to quickly create a user needs all the files into a variety of Windows applications. Through the use of such network color scanning, image editing, OCR and powerful network color fax capabilities, users will be suspected in the absence of this product before, they are how to manage files. In addition, users can also use the solution will be in the hands of the original paper documents into easy to archive or retrieval of electronic documents.

Present, printing equipment and solutions combine fast and efficient mode to enhance printing output has been the market recognition. As long as there are more applications for small and medium solutions appear, supported by an acceptable price, the solution quickly into the small and medium enterprises also just around the corner. In order to achieve the peerless combination with laser printers, quick office for small and medium enterprises to improve efficiency.

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