Commercial Restroom Partitions

Commercial Restroom Partitions
Privacy is a major concern in restrooms for obvious reasons. We should expect to have the same human dignities in public that we have behind the closed doors of our home. This is where bathroom partitions, though seldom given much thought by people, nevertheless play such an important role in public life.

Commercial Bathroom Dividers provide that very privacy that people deserve as much in public and office restrooms as they do in the privacy of their own homes. Basically common sense and human dignity tells us this. These dividers are available in a large variety of designs and materials.

These stall partitions can also be mounted either by floor, by ceiling, or by floor and reinforced by ceiling braces. These choices in installation method allow architects and renovation teams to maximize space and maintain the interior design of the restroom.

Stainless Steel Industrial and Commercial Bathroom Partitions
Stainless steel toilet partitions are mid to high grade quality and feature a chick, satin, finished, and shiny appearance. They are ultra sanitary and highly aesthetic.

Solid Plastic Commercial Toilet Partitions
There are more economical than other material builds, but they are nonetheless very attractive in appearance. Their composition consists 30 percent, pre-consumer recycled, high-density polyethylene.

Phenolic Toilet Partitions
Phenolic toilet partitions are manufactured out of several composite fabric layers that have been treated with resin. These layers are pressurized and heated into an industrial strength laminate plastic.

Industrial Toilet Commercial Restroom Partitions
There are a number of Industrial Toilet Partitions choices available for the industrial buyer.

Toilet Dividers
Toilet Dividers are important components in any restroom and they must meet certain guidelines to comply with The American with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition there are other standards and guidelines that construction managers must be aware of.

Mills Commercial Toilet Partitions
Mills Bathroom Partitions are available in six major styles and are suitable for any type of application and any budget. The six major styles are baked enamel steel, stainless steel, plastic laminate, solid phenolic, Bradmar solid plastic, and fusion granite & stainless steel.

Fusion Granite and Stainless Steel Partitions
Combo granite and Stainless Steel Partitions are more elegant than any partition on the market. They combine beauty and technology in a unique and unmistakably clean and high-tech appearance.

European No Site Commercial Restroom Partitions
Some dividers leave up to one-half inch gap between the door and the side of the stall. People often find this disturbing. The European No-Site(TM) Partitions eliminates the gap and prevents any possible line of site that could violate a person’s privacy.

Custom Partitions
Custom Partitions are tailor made to the location, size, usage or image then we can help you. We can help you design partitions that meet your needs and wishes.

Solid Phenolic Core Partitions
Solid Phenolic Core Partitions are made of compressed cellulose fibers impregnated with resins under high heat and pressure.

Overhead Mounted Commercial Restroom Partitions
These partitions use beams in the ceiling to support their weight, and they occupy less floor space.

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