To Install New Fonts In Photoshop Method – Install Fonts – Office Supplies Industry

To Install New Fonts In Photoshop Method – Install Fonts – Office Supplies Industry
We often can book on-line or posters to see some very special fonts, and effects, then I think you will definitely feel these special fonts heart. In fact, as long as there are plenty of fonts can be easily implemented in PhotoShop these effects.

PhotoShop font used in the system is called WINDOWS fonts, we just need the font File The FONTS installed in the WINDOWS directory can make PhotoShop to use these fonts.

But many of my friends use the fonts in Photoshop, when the actual encounter this or that, in particular fonts installed and the font name display problem, here we take a closer look.

Now commonly used fonts are: Arphic fonts, Han-yi, fonts, Founder fonts. These fonts are several installation methods are basically about.

An automatic installation Open the drive, put the font CD, CD-ROM will automatically run to install the font program, select what you need to install the font, and then all the way by NEXT will be able to install the font in the FONTS WINDOWS directory.

2, manual installation Some fonts do not automatically install the program CD, this time you will need to manually installed. Open My Computer, then open the C drive, open the C drive and then follow under the WINDOWS directory, find FONTS Folder And open, choose File menu in the Install New Font. Will add the font out of a dialog box in the following drive letter where the font choice. The following fonts to the FONTS folder, copy the check box is selected, press the Select button above to all the selected font, and then press the OK button, so the font will be installed in the WINDOWS the FONTS directory. (Figure 1)

To be directly copied Directly copy the font file (Ctrl + C), and then paste (Ctrl + V) to the FONTS folder.

Four, easy to install Large font files, installed in accordance with the above approach, the relatively high number of machines configured for users is not a problem, but the machine configuration for small users, it will take up a lot of hard disk space, so that the whole system is running WINDOWS slow, this time need easy to install.

First copy all the font files to another hard disk, do manual install, but pay attention to the dialog box shown in Figure 2 in the “Copy Fonts to Font Folder” in front of a small hook removed and installed on do. Or directly to the font files and set up a shortcut to copy these shortcuts FONTS directory. Note: Do not remove these copies to the other font files on the hard disk, because at this time WINDOWS through the shortcut to call these fonts.

Five Chinese display font name Fonts installed now, let us open PhotoShop, select the Text Tool, then the text in the above font attribute column will appear, but then show the font name is in English.

PhotoShop shows how to make it the Chinese name of the font? Select edit (Edit) menu under the Preferences (parameter settings) of the General (General), will bring up a Preferences (Preferences dialog), the ShowFont Names inEnglish remove the hook before the election, press ok button, then we can see text font attributes column shows the Chinese name (Figure 2).

Several ways through this, you have relaxed in the PS in the new font installed.

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